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11:45 p.m. Episodes

OK, you’re going to have to stay with me on this one. A new series called Episodes is about a UK couple that brings their successful BBC show, Pucks, to the US for an adaptation They get Matt LeBlanc as the star, so on Episodes, LeBlanc plays himself. It’s a show about a show within a show.

Actress Mircea Monroe plays an 40-year-old actress that looks like she’s in her 20s because she uses baby serum to keep herself looking young. Her character on Pucks is a lesbian headmaster of a school in which a hockey coach has an unrequited love for her that will never be because, as the producers note, "she doesn’t play for that team."

So Mircea is playing an actress who plays a lesbian. This spawns some funny dialogue we were able to preview in which Matt LeBlanc asks the show’s creators/writers if she has to be gay. He obviously wants his character to engage in some on-screen romance with her, but it will never be. "What about Ross and Rachel, if Rachel was a lesbian?" LeBlanc asks. "Or Frasier and — I don’t know, I didn’t watch that show."

Unfortunately, Mircea said that they eventually make her character drop the lesbianism to make fictional Matt LeBlanc happy.

"She is initially but then we get notes and it changes," Mircea said. So do we see any lesbianism?

"No, but in some of my other work, yes! [Laughs] There’s a whole bit around this so I don’t want to give too much away but it’s to help his character out."

She spoke highly of her role as Justine in Itty Bitty Titty Committee, saying it was about promoting "homosexual awareness." She was saying this as I walked up to her, telling another journalist that she doesn’t always play sleazy sexy girl parts. (In the promo for Episodes, her character was shown in a compromising position on a sex tape.)

And in the film The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It , she shares a smooch with Noureen DeWulf.

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