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3:00 Nikita

On the panel for the new version of Nikita, star Maggie Q and the men who work on the show were quick to say it would be much different than the original film and the USA series from the 1990s. When also asked about "knock-offs" like Alias and, as one critic said "the disaster that was Dollhouse," executive producer Craig Silverstein said he sees Nikita very differently.

Dollhouse, to me, is sci-fi. This is set in real world. We’re not really political, but we’re much more of a kind of Jason Bourne-type of town — that type of world. We didn’t see overlap besides female action lead. Nikita is Nikita — she’s not like the character in Dollhouse that doesn’t know who she is. Nikita knows exactly who she is and what she wants.

Producer McG says he thinks they all share a strong bond.

We’re all excited about the notion of empowered female characters. Powerful female players that don’t apologize for being beautiful.

Maggie Q’s female co-star is Lyndsy Fonseca who plays Alex, the new Nikita trainee. Says Silverstein:

Alex is a character who has an epic backstory I don’t think anyone will see coming. The back story start unfolding directly after pilot over the course of the season. We’ll have the story of how Alex and Nikita got together. We want to let it roll out."

Fonseca played a lesbian in Remember the Daze, so she’s no stranger to kissing girls on screen. You might also remember she was originally cast to play the lesbian cheerleader on Heroes, which wasn’t developed past one episode.

So what did Silverstein say about the possibility of gay characters on the show?

In the first batch of stories that I have planned out there’s not one, but I think we’re absolutely open to it.

I reminded him that the original USA series had Nikita in some bisexual dalliances and wondered if he saw the character like that in anyway.

I love it. Love it. Love to have it.

I don’t really think we’re on the same page with this one, but I’m glad to have his support, I suppose.

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