TCA Liveblog: “The Event,” “Undercovers,” “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” “Facing Kate,” Outlaw,” and “Chase”


1:45 p.m. MSNBC

MSNBC President Phil Griffin was on stage during lunch to discuss their current schedule and Lawrence O’Donnell‘s new show, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. One thing that peaked my interest was how much Griffin referenced The Rachel Maddow Show and the success of it. Griffin noted:

Rachel is just beginning to find her audience. She’s so good and so strong, she’s just going to grow.

Glad to hear that the network is as proud and supportive of her as we are.

12:30 p.m. Facing Kate

Sarah Shahi is giving Maggie Q a run for her money in the most likable on stage department. During the panel for her new USA series, Shahi flashed her gorgeous grin and cracked jokes on how similar she is to her character Kate.

Creator Michael Sardo said they saw hundreds of girls for the role of a former lawyer-turned-mediator who can’t get away from the all the lawyers in her life (her soon-to-be ex-husband and her stepmother included) but also enjoys involving herself in conflict, as long as it can be resolved.

The reason we cast Sarah, in addition to her loveliness and acting ability, is that we had auditioned 100s of women and in [a scene where you walk into a deli] and one guy pulled out a bat and the other guy pulled a gun saying ‘Give me the money,’ 100 people backed up and Sarah was the only one that moved toward it.

In regards to what she has in common with her character, Shahi said:

Both of us are sort of — we don’t treat issues with kid gloves on. We cut to the chase and we’re no bull shitters. I’m a mother and that was one of the first things i learned becoming a mom — I don’t have anytime for any bullshit. Kate’s kind of the same way.

The promo we got to see was of Kate at work (helping people solve legal conflicts out of court), dealing with her bitchy stepmom (asking if she’s her colleague or just her arch-nemesis) and maintaining a friends-with-benefits relationship with her ex. We get to see Sarah’s comedic acting chops as she steps in between the aforementioned guy with a gun and guy manning the cash register, negotiating that the cashier hand over $100 and not have to pay $1000 for a head injury at the hospital.

So what’s in it for lesbians — besides, you know, Sarah Shahi? Here’s what she said:

Those L Word fans have been so loyal and so accepting of anything that I’ve done. I think they’ll like it. I think they’ll enjoy seeing me in something that’s kind of light, and the role of Carmen was kind of light on The L Word. My character doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s fun and I think they’ll have fun watching it.

I also feel compelled to add that she also looks incredibly sexy post-baby, saying she dropped the 30 pounds she put on because "I never have time to eat. I’m starving!" And on episode two, we’ll get a glimpse of Sarah "in socks and panties that say ‘I like boys.’" This comment was made by Sardo, to which Shahi said, "I’m trying to establish myself as a credible actor here!"

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