TCA Dispatch: Madeline Zima talks about her sexuality and we get “The Good Wife” scoop at the CBS party


And if you’re wondering how Rose and Natalie recouped after the stripping episode of The Real L Word that aired last week, rest assured they are "still working it out."

Rose told me, "Our storyline — if you want to call it that — has been pretty true to life."

Natalie agrees, saying, "Real life drama guys! … I didn’t really care so much about the strippers. That was never really my problem. I was more concerned about my girlfriend lying to me. I knew about it before TV — she got caught."

Rose acknowledged the show has actually been a great mirror for her. "My depiction was sort of very negative and it took me watching myself to say ‘F–k, you know, I need to grow up a little bit.’"

And is Natalie going to continue working for Rose?

"I quit!" she said emphatically. Probably for the best!

Whitney’s date for the evening was Sara, so I had to find out if they’re together.

"We’re hanging out," Whitney said. "I like to keep relationships kosher with everyone."

"I think a lot of my hestitation came from [being on TV] because it was something I wasn’t prepared for and I didn’t know how to handle that on television," Sara said. " So I think I just took a couple steps back to see what happened."

Whitney said she just wrapped Voodoo Cowboy, the film she is starring in and that it will hit horror festivals in October.

In the meantime, she’s also taking something away from how she comes across onscreen.

"I think I definitely participated in actions I would get criticized for and I was prepared for that," she said. "I learned about myself and have grown from it."

On the docket for tomorrow at TCA: The Real L Word, The Big C, Dexter and a new show called Episodes starring Matthew LeBlanc. Yeah, I don’t think that one is going to be of much interest to us, either.

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