TCA Dispatch: Madeline Zima talks about her sexuality and we get “The Good Wife” scoop at the CBS party


After hearing the news that Rules of Engagement will be bringing on a softball-playing lesbian surrogate mother this fall, I moseyed up to star Patrick Warburton to find out what he knew. Turns out it wasn’t much, other than he had just heard the same info today and said the lesbian had yet to be cast.

When I asked for who he thought might be good for the role, he said "Maybe Megan Fox?"

I don’t know if this would make me want to watch it more or less, honestly, but I somehow doubt she’s what they’re looking for. I can already see the casting sides: "Lesbian with short hair, wears baseball cap and has a masculine swagger; is totally cool with being pregnant."

A show I’d love to see a queer female character on is The Vampire Diaries, and with openly gay creator Kevin Williamson at the helm, it can’t be far off, right?

"We continue to talk about it," he said. "I feel like inherently vampires are gay because we’re so sexualized and sexy to both men and women. I don’t want to do a coming out story. I did it on Dawson’s Creek. I want to do it in a new way and I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what it would be. As soon as we can, we will."

And what about Mia Kirshner‘s Isobel? Will she make a reappearance in the future?

"We made sure we didn’t kill her because she’s the biological birth mother of our lead character," Williamson said. "So I thought it’d be such a mistake to kill her because if we ever wanted to, as we get on more and more seasons, that character can come back again and again and again."

I told him that’s actually great for Mia, considering she was killed off on The L Word.

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