TCA Dispatch: Madeline Zima talks about her sexuality and we get “The Good Wife” scoop at the CBS party


Good Wife creator Robert King assured me that he takes "the GLAAD thing seriously," and that they had the plan to introduce Alicia’s gay brother on the new season before the network got such a bad rating this time around. But I was gunning for something — or someone — very specific. Someone in a leather jacket that kisses women behind garage doors.

"First of all, I should say it’s not all about sexuality with Kalinda in that she’s a private person," King said. "She holds on to everything in every part of her life. One thing we want to do this year is how she’s knocked back on her heels by a lot of the events around her. And part of that is sexually, part of that is bringing out her background. We want to peel away the layers of her because the mystery is there, but we also want to see who she really is so we’ll be bringing out her sexuality more.

"One of the reasons we didn’t want to show the kiss between her and Lana is because we want to go there this season, and go to what she’s about. We love Kalinda and we want to peel away the layers slowly. It’s a good basis — it’s not a basis out of fear or anything of alienating people. There’s a certain intregity with how Archie Panjabi‘s playing her. We kind of want to honor that."

King said that they don’t want anything they do with Kalinda to be a stunt. "And Archie doesn’t either. Archie has a real investment and this year, I think she’s even better than last year, what she’s doing with the character."

Regarding the newest cast addition of Blake, a male that appeared to be set in place for some tension with Kalinda, King said he will be a "sexual interest but not a romantic interest."

"It’s a dangerous liaison relationship. It’s a very provocative. Part of the mystery of Kalinda is she uses sex as a tool and you wonder sometimes when does that cross over to the emotional and you’ll be wondering that a little bit about a few of the people in her life."

I think it’s safe to say, at this point, that Kalinda is bisexual. And as King promised me she will definitely have an emotional relationship with someone this season, I am strongly hoping it’s with Lana the FBI agent [Jill Flint] who kisses girls in garages.

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