TCA Dispatch: Madeline Zima talks about her sexuality and we get “The Good Wife” scoop at the CBS party


We recently saw bisexual housemate Annie Whittington voted out of the Big Brother house. I nabbed the show’s producer Allison Grodner to ask about the casting process and why there doesn’t seem to be as many lesbian or bisexual women on the American version as there are on international versions.

"Last year we had a gay man and we had Lydia who was bisexual. In the past we’ve had, Yvette who made it to second place," Grodner said. "We have huge support from the gay and lesbian community for the show so we know that and it’s important to us to be diverse in that way."

Regarding Annie, Grodner says that they had no part in her deciding to initially hide her sexuality from her housemates.

She wasn’t sure what to do and I think that also contributed to her spinning out of control a bit. I think it caused her a lot of emotional turmoil. It’s all about Annie being who she was and who she is. She was a big fan of Big Brother, really smart. We knew we needed someone who knew the show well to pull this off, and she really did. She’s cute but she didn’t stand out as much as some of the other characters. She could lie low and fly under the radar. But as well found out, it wasn’t Annie’s true nature.

We even said to her "What are you gonna do? Are you going to tell people on the first night about your bisexuality? Or are you going to keep it a secret?" Of course we never tell people what to do. And she said right off the bat that she didn’t want to draw attention to herself. She said no; her choice. Then she started to come out in secret to a couple of people and I think, because of that, she was hiding something. They never knew she was actually hiding being the saboteur, but I think they thought she was hiding something about herself. In the end, I think she’d say it wasn’t necessarily for the best. If she’d been open about it — she is open about it, she might have lasted longer than that.

So will there be more gay women in the future? Grodner said diversity is always the plan.

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