TCA Dispatch: Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Winslet on their relationship in “Mildred Pierce,” Carrie Brownstein talks “Portlandia”

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WE TV’s newest reality series, Joan Knows Best? kicks off Friday’s Television Critics Assn. winter press tour, with gay icon Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa, both in the house discussing their newest reality series, set to premiere Tuesday, Jan. 25 at 9 p.m.

The series which follows the mother-daughter when Joan moves to California and in with her daughter tracks the family through counseling sessions and features endless amounts of drama —a preview featured Joan replacing all of Melissa’s furniture without telling her. “She’s not the gay son I longed for,” Joan quipped during the panel.

Both Joan and Melissa acknowledged Thursday’s marathon OWN panel — which featured Oprah Winfrey holding court and a nearly 20-minute response to one single question.

“I wish we’d have started half-hour earlier so I could have seen Oprah,” Joan joked of the much maligned session with Winfrey.

Melissa noted that the duo had been repeatedly approached and was born when Joan came to stay with her two years ago while she was in Los Angeles for a play at the Geffen.

“I always had bandages and this is the first time you could get me without them,” Joan joked.

The duo noted that the reality series won’t impact their weekly Fashion Police show on E! as Joan is now splitting time between New York and L.A., which Melissa noted will run as long as the network will have them. A highlight included the mother-daughter discussing their disdain for covering the red carpet as both took pleasure in dissing the nature of dealing with celebrities and their handlers.

“I like doing a coward’s show,” Joan noted.


As for what else she’s working on, Joan mentioned that she wants to rewrite Sally Marr — and her Escorts about Lenny Bruce’s mother. She’s hoping to perform it at the Geffen next season.

As for her documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Me, not being shortlisted for the Oscar, Joan noted: “I think it’s abominable.”

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