Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris and “Orphan Black” producers on Cosima, sexuality and clones

All through Season 2, Clonesbians and other Cosima fans were concerned about the sickly science nerd’s health, as well as her relationship with Delphine (played by Evelyne Brochu, who was supposed to attend Comic-Con but had to film another project). Tatiana gave some hope for the pair.

“I think the two of them are—they’re absolutely in love with each other,” she said. “They stimulate each other emotionally, physically, mentally, intellectually, everything. And yet the only thing that separates them is the fact they’re on two different sides of the equation. And that grey area is where they exist and I think that’s what’s so exciting about their relationship and sort of relatable. Oh god yeah, there’s hope. Definitely.”


Meanwhile show creator and executive producer Graeme Manson doesn’t want us to get our hopes up completely.

“She’s never safe! She’s not. She’s not safe,” he said at his roundtable. “She’s not better but she has options. They have options. I think what happened at the end of the season with Kira might be—how should we put it? It might be sort of a—almost more of a spiritual beat for her. What really happened in that moment? Was it a dream? Was it something more than that? I think that there is some mystery involved in that. But you know, her health is still an issue.”


Those who might see Delphine as not such an ideal partner for Cosima should also take to heart that the producers love to play around with the good vs. evil in each character.

“One of the things that I like so much about doing this show is I like the sort of ability is to set someone up as dangerous or untrustworthy and then swing sympathies toward them, you know?” John Fawcett said, citing how Donnie was hated at first and then, by the end of the season, “beloved.” “And then kind of swing it away again. It’s a fun dynamic. It’s a really interesting kind of dynamic for the characters and the story.”

While waiting for Season 3, fans will be able to find out more about their favorite (and least favorite) Orphan Black characters in the new comic book adaptation (coming in 2015), which John said will have familiar scenes from Season 1 but also some new additions.

“For me, I love the idea—certainly in the initial wave of comic books, showing the fans in a graphic way scenes we have already seen but kind of going into what happened to this character while we were off with Allison,” John said. “I want to see kind of stuff that fits into the framework of, say, Season 1, but here’s what you didn’t see. And I think that’s really cool. And I also love the idea including some flashbacks into the past and seeing how Donny met Allison’s parents for the first time. things like that I think would be really exciting and those are the kinds of the stories we want to tell in the comic books.”


As for the show itself, the creators know how the story of Sarah and her seestras will end, but they think it could (and should) take a while to get to that point.

“We want to go for a long time. We do know the endpoint for our series,” Graeme said. “The question becomes…how long can you kick the end down the road and maintain an interesting forward drive? We really do have a strong drive forward in the show. As long as we can maintain that momentum, I think we can run a good long time.”

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