Talking with the New Yorkers of “The Real L Word” Season 3

AE: What are you most excited for viewers to see this season?
Kiyomi:I am excited for viewers to see what it takes to be an active, touring rock band. Quite often there is the misconception that musicians are lazy and I completely disagree with that. I think that musicians are some of the most hard working people that I know and I hope we can show that to viewers. I think that Showtime made a great choice in that they are going to show people who have a lot of passion and drive this season.

Lauren: The coolest thing is that in such a short amount of time so much happened. Crazy amounts of things happened. I was really focused on being single, really focused on my jewelry line, so you’ll see me struggle through that. While some people couldn’t understand why, I just didn’t want to be attached to anyone, and you’ll see me go through that. In terms of the living situation, my relationship with Amanda, you’ll see things happen on that end, but I can’t really talk about it! But I promise some big surprises!

AE: Even though viewers act horrified or disturbed to see skin on the show, secretly they really want to see it. So will viewers be treated to a lot of sexy scenes this season?
Lauren: Yeah there will be. I don’t know whether you’ll see a lot of full on sex or not – I don’t know what they’re going to show, because I haven’t seen the episodes, but you will see a lot of – sexual situations. You’ll see a lot of kissing and touching and making out and a lot of fun stuff, a lot of bodies in there – a lot of boobs and a lot of ass. [laughs]

Amanda: A lot of sex? I mean there is always a lot of sex! [Laughs] I think whenever you film someone’s life from morning to night and you look at all different aspects of her life, sex is part of it. And it is a show about sexuality, so “Duh!”

Kiyomi: Well I see the show when the rest of the world sees the show, and I’m not in everyone else’s bedrooms, so I don’t know how much sex is going to be on the show! But sex is a part of our lives, so I’m sure there will be plenty of it.

AE: So does it get awkward with the camera there when you’re in a compromising position?
Lauren: Well, you start getting comfortable around the camera, and you’re also intoxicated a lot of the time. So in addition to getting used to the camera being around, you’re also buzzed. You forget the camera is there! Sometimes you walk out of a room and are all, hey there’s a camera! I think a lot of people go in knowing they’re going to [get intimate on camera], and then they’re people like me where it’s like, I didn’t go into it wanting to reveal my prized possessions, so I end up doing that, but I’m OK with it. I think the whole process is very eye opening, and I turn into this very open person.

Amanda: Well, there are definitely tasteful ways of doing things, and if you politely ask the producer to leave the room, they will respect that. You’re never forced into doing anything. But going into it, it is generally known that we are going to tell as much of our stories as we can possibly can. That’s what you’re signing up for. You just have to go into it with an open mind.

AE: So after a while, you forget the camera is even around. Are there any “oops” moments or moments when you just lose your cool, moments that you wish you could take back?
Kiyomi: Definitely, but it takes a lot of courage to expose your complete personal life to the general public, and I think, for me, if you’re not going to give it 100% then what’s the point. It’s all about making yourself vulnerable in front of the camera, and that’s what is going to make interesting television.

Amanda: Yeah you’re out partying and drinking and you forget the cameras are there, and maybe you make a passing comment about someone that you probably shouldn’t necessarily say, or you make a joke about someone to your friends, and then you’re all, “Oh shit, I have a microphone on!”

AE: The cast seems to have more tattoos than Imelda Marcos had shoes, so I’m just going to have to ask, what is your favorite or most meaningful tattoo?
Amanda: I have one on my thigh. It’s like an exploding feather. Birds explode out of it. My friend and I got it together, because we’re birds of a feather. Either that one or the word “equilibrium” in Arabic because I’m Lebanese, but it’s not written phonetically. It’s written with the letters separated.

Lauren: I have a lot of tattoos! My favorite tattoo is probably the crown on the back of my neck that I really love. That is probably my favorite.

Kiyomi: My favorite tattoo has to be my “eat or die” tattoo, because I am food obsessed and I believe that food is life.

AE: So would you consider yourself a foodie?
Kiyomi: I think the term “foodie” is kind of pretentious, but I do have a big appreciation for food!

AE: So what’s your favorite restaurant in your neighborhood?
Kiyomi: It is called Rye. It’s on South 1st in Williamsburg. It’s really good nouveau American!

See the New York girls in action tonight on The Real L Word premiere at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.

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