Take Back the Knife: Women You Love in Movies You Don’t


Clementine Ford
and Brittany Murphy,
Cherry Falls (2000)

I feel a bit weird putting Cherry Falls on this list because it’s actually a pretty good movie; it just never found its audience. Or audiences never found it, or … oh, you know what I’m saying. A slasher movie that’s also a satirical take on the genre, Cherry Falls flips the “virgins die last” convention on its head as a killer targets the sexually inexperienced, causing the town’s teenagers to rush losing their virginity in the hopes of staying alive.

A young Clementine Ford shows up just long enough to be a victim, but it’s Brittany Murphy who’s at the center of the film as the sheriff’s daughter/final girl. In related news, I’ll never stop being bummed that there won’t be any more new Brittany Murphy movies.

Anna Faris,
Lovers Lane (1999)

I can’t tell if Lovers Lane is a cruddy slasher movie or a mediocre attempt at making fun of cruddy slasher movies. Irony is such a harsh mistress! Regardless, the film features bad wigs, a decapitated dog’s head that’s so fake, it looks like a cake, and the highlight of it all, Anna Faris as a cheerleader who defends herself from the killer by wielding four knives at once. Now that I write all that and think about it, I don’t care whether or not Lovers Lane knows it’s terrible — it’s kind of the best movie ever!

So there you go, lots of crappy horror movies you can sit through just to get a glimpse of actresses you love. Consider this a “proceed at your own risk” warning when I say, “Proceed at your own risk!”

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