Take Back the Knife: Lena Headey and Nicole Pacent step into “Satan’s Closet”


Any AfterEllen.com reader worth her salt could probably sense that there was something new featuring Lena Headey on the internet the moment In Satan’s Closet went live — perhaps even before.  Having appeared in several of my productions before, she’s accustomed to my ways and didn’t even blink when I mentioned that she’d be attacked by a remote-controlled spider. And yes, that’s her Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles television son Thomas Dekker running from some unseen force and disappearing into, well, into Satan’s closet.

And then there’s Nicole Pacent as the Satanist who starts the whole possess-o-ball rolling — yeah, it’s a bit of a departure from her work on Anyone But Me. Never having worked with Nicole before this, I was unsure how she’d react to my unconventional, scriptless trailer-shooting style. Lucky for me she was more game than I could have anticipated and pounced on any idea I threw her way — Satanic chanting in Latin? Sure. Pretending to carve her hand open with a rubber dagger?  Yup. Drinking a glass of fake blood? Indubitably. Yelling “Hail Satan!” in the backyard of a virtual stranger? Duh.

While I have had actors balk at my shenanigans before, I’m lucky to know a whole bunch of people who’ll join in with me. Still, I fully understand that these endeavors may not be every actor’s cup of tea; after all, this is just me and a camera, asking people to do weird things without context in front of said camera. Then it’s just a matter of throwing it all together with an appropriate soundtrack — and this soundtrack, which features music from the Italian horror movies The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, Buio Omega, and Profondo Rosso, couldn’t possibly be more appropriate unless I traveled back to 1978 with a tape recorder in hand.

So did we hit it off enough to talk again (by “talk”, of course, I mean we both stare at computer screens — how 21st century of us!)? I hope so, because I could talk about horror movies (and cheese) all day. So until next time, tell me — what are your views regarding pants?

In addition to writing and directing horror films, Stacie Ponder writes about them for Rue Morgue Magazine, AMC TV.com, and her own beloved site, Final Girl. In her spare time, Stacie enjoys a good laugh and looking at kittens.

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