Stephen Colbert’s Greatest Gay Hits


I’s on Edjukashun: Gay History and Disney English
July 21, 2011

California passed a law requiring gay history to be taught in public schools, so Colbert goes through his own version of that history. The segment really hits its stride at around the 3-minute mark, when we get to Michelangelo and Paul Lynde.

“Heterosexual Accountability Buddy” and Interview with Dan Savage, Part One
“Heterosexual Accountability Buddy” and Interview with Dan Savage, Part Two
July 12, 2011

Colbert takes on the “undercover gay” who went to Michelle Bachmann‘s husband’s ex-gay therapy practice in order to expose him. One of Dr. Bachmann’s prescriptions for wanna-be ex-gays who are invited to a same sex wedding: Take a “heterosexual accountability buddy.”

So Colbert, who’s been around the block with Dan Savage a time or two and seems to think he’s irresistible – he calls him “weapons-grade gay” and says he’s the worst kind of gay guy, “smart, thoughtful, charming, always smells like the first day of spring” — asks his building manager, Tad, to sit in with him and keep him on the hetero and narrow during the interview.

Colbert goes on the attack immediately, criticizing Savage’s belief that a good marriage doesn’t require monogamy. He finally asks Savage if he’s ever committed adultery, and after a pause, Savage answers, “Is it adultery if I’m committing it at one end of a guy and he’s committing it at the other end of that same guy?”

The audience goes nuts, and Colbert totally cracks up. When he finally gets a grip on himself, he goes back on the attack, but Savage objects to how his own argument is being characterized.

He says he doesn’t think non-monogamy has to mean the end of a relationship, and says that in fact, he’s against divorce, particularly if there are children. “My position is really very conservative,” he says sincerely.

“Oh, really?” Colbert asks. “Your position? At which end of the guy?”

“Weapons Grade Gay”


“Which End of the Guy?”

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