Stephen Colbert’s Greatest Gay Hits


Nailed ‘Em: Mormon Church Trespassing
Nov 3, 2009

Two guys were arrested and charged with trespassing for walking on a public sidewalk in front of the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City while holding hands. One of them even gave the other a peck on the cheek.

The church insisted they didn’t have them arrested because they were gay, but because they were trespassing on what turns out to be a few hundred feet of private sidewalk that the public uses every single day in huge numbers.

Funny, though, that a decoy couple, one man and one woman, making out passionately on that sidewalk doesn’t prompt any response at all. And then there are the two cute Mormon boys making out… okay, it’s just funny, and it’s true, too. Watch it!

Alpha Dog of the Week: Rev. George Rekers
May 5, 2010

Ah, the endless cornucopia of goodness that spills when anti-gay politicians and evangelists ho tumble out of the closet, usually with a rentboy in tow. So awesome!

There’s also a shirtless rentboy working the cameras for Stephen in this clip. It must have been sweeps week.

How to Ruin Same-Sex Marriages
Aug 3, 2010

The second half of this segment wasn’t told in Colbert’s usual persona, or at least, much of it wasn’t. He lays out a plan to destroy same-sex marriages by all anti-gay straight men finding a gay man to befriend, then date, then move to California with, then get engaged to, then stall the wedding for a few years, then jilt him cruelly at the altar, thus ensuring he’ll never, ever want to marry anyone again.

Of course Colbert is joking, but he gets so deeply into this story that you see a side of him, or a persona, we rarely see. In fact, he gets so deep into it, it’s not quite as funny as it may have been meant to be.

The thing is… despite the humor that doesn’t quite work, it’s still tremendously moving. After the very long story is done, and Colbert is fake-sobbing, he whispers, “What have I done?”

Then he shakes his head and stops crying and in a weak voice says, “Saved marriage, that’s what. And we have to, because those people don’t love each other like we do.”

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