“Starlet” Contestants Survive Harrowing Lesbian Kiss

Courtney and MichelynnCecile and Mercedes

Two by two, the contestants proceeded to perform the lesbian hot tub scene for the camera, with mixed success. Despite their initial protests, many found it to be easier than expected. "It was up there with my ex-boyfriends, as far as kissing is concerned," laughed Lauren afterwards, and her partner Neva agreed that "We felt really comfortable kissing, like it wasn't awkward."

Unfortunately for Neva, the judges loved Lauren's role in the seduction but called Neva "wooden" and gave her the boot.

The same fate befell the red-headed Courtney, who went after her hot tub partner Michelynn–an 18-year-old who has never kissed anyone before, let alone a girl–like "a monkey on crack," according to one of the judges. Michelynn came through the screen test with flying colors despite her sexual inexperience. "It was nerve-wracking going into something like this," Michelynn admitted. "It's the second screen test, and it involves kissing, and the kissing is with a girl. So, I mean, it's all brand-new things, with a big, very huge stake."

Cecile, the one who was so worried about what her family would think of her participation in this scene, not only drew the greatest praise from the judges for her performance (universally described as "hot" by the judges and other contestants alike), she told Mercedes afterwards "you're a good kisser…honestly, I felt attracted to you."

But even though most of the contestants ultimately emerged unscathed from the experience, the judges still acknowledged the hardship the Fastlane scene had imposed upon them. "I know it was weird, probably, kissing a girl," Fox commended Donna afterwards, "but you were courageous enough to give it a try."

Thanks to The Starlet and the courageous efforts of these beautiful young women–who kissed each other, and lived to tell about it–we're all a little better off.

Well, except maybe for that teddy bear.

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