“Starlet” Contestants Survive Harrowing Lesbian Kiss

Michelynn seducing the teddy bearLauren seducing the teddy bear

As the young women contemplated this sorry turn of events, Cecile seemed to speak for everyone when she said "I have an issue thinking this is my work, and this is what I'm proud of. Is this something I would do?" Donna bemoaned her bad luck. "I thought I had a legitimate opportunity with this love scene," she told the group, because "I'm a very sensual person, but now…I don't know."

Prior to receiving their instructions to perform the lesbian hot tub scene, the contestants had been schooled in the art of seducing a teddy bear–yes that's right: the young women took turns kissing and fondling a stuffed animal on national television.

Donna performed quite admirably with the bear, but kissing a woman was beyond the pale. Real actresses just don't do that. Or do they?

To answer this and other burning questions for the contestants, the WB brought in Jamie Pressly, which yielded the following illuminating conversation:

DONNA: When I initially found out I had to do a lesbian scene, obviously I was really uncomfortable, because I've never kissed a girl, I'm completely heterosexual.
JAMIE PRESSLY: You're an actress, whether you're gay or heterosexual has nothing to do with it. You are what that character is. My character was a lesbian, therefore I was a lesbian.
NEVA: When you went into this role, you were already a working actress. We're starting from scratch, and our worry is that we wouldn't be taken seriously.
MERCEDES: I feel like it's being done to exploit us a little bit. It's a little bit inflammatory.
JAMIE PRESSLY: You have to know what to take seriously and what not to take seriously. And you cannot, whatever you do, take yourself seriously. Because when you do, you end up worrying about being exploited. Everybody in the business is exploited.

The aspiring actresses thanked Pressly profusely for helping to "ease their fears," while actual working actresses around the country silently thanked Pressly for proving that not all actresses are total fools.

This exchange also served as another helpful reminder that Donna is heterosexual. Completely.

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