Spanish TV Embraces Lesbian Relationships


Pepa and Silvia reunited this season after a break-up, but they are keeping their reconciliation a secret from co-workers, which has led to sexy — and humorous — scenes such as this one, in which they are interrupted in the parking lot at work by a police officer who thinks Pepa is in love with him (English subtitles are thanks to PepsiEnglish):

Pepa and Silvia make up (warning: NSFW!)

You definitely won’t see that on primetime broadcast American TV anytime soon!

The new series Infidels on TV3 in Catalonia (a region in Spain with 7 million residents) also includes a prominent lesbian relationship. The series revolves around five friends who are all unfaithful in some way (to their partners, or themselves). One of them is Arlet (Aina Clotet), who is living unhappily with her boyfriend of eight years when she falls for swim instructor Dani (Dolo Beltran).

Dani, left and Arlet on Infidels

After avoiding the issue for awhile, they finally admit their attraction to each other and begin a romantic relationship.

Now that she’s falling in love with Dani, Arlet is faced with telling her boyfriend that her feelings for him have changed.

Arlet and Dani’s first kiss on Infidels

Although Infidels is a regional show (and in the Catalan language), it’s a fairly popular show there and watched by people of all ages on TV and online.

There are several other Spanish series currently airing or between seasons that have lesbian/bisexual subplots and characters.

The first season of Pelotas (Balls), which just finished airing on TVE 1, included a bisexual woman named Nieves (Celia Freijeiro), who breaks off her relationship with her boyfriend when he can’t accept that she previously dated a woman, and wants to stay friends with her.

Nieves, left, and her ex-girlfriend on Pelotas

Teenager Alma (Sandra Blázque) on Antena 3′s high school drama Física o Química (Physics or Chemistry) appears to be bisexual, although this is still being explored.

Cuatro’s mystery series Hay Alguien Ahí? (Is Anybody Out There?), about an average family threatened by unknown forces, currently includes a storyline in which teen Amanda (Esmeralda Moya) is seduced by her friend’s mother, Nieves (Barbara de Lema). The age difference and Nieves’s behavior has sinister undertones, but it fits within the overall tone of the show. (Watch a clip in Spanish here.)

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