“South of Nowhere” Recaps: Episodes 2.11 & 2.12


Carlin Home—Paula tells Arthur that it’s just sinking in that she’s about to become a grandmother.

Two questions: Does this mean that we now have to consider Paula a GILF? And if so, is that just wrong?

Arthur is amused by Paula’s freak out, but he has enough sense to tell her that she’s too hot to be a grandma. And that’s exactly what she wanted to hear.

King High—Sean and Clay and their new (to us) friend are talking about the jokers who came onto campus and started the fight. The so-called “Northridge boys” are trouble, and because this new character has suddenly been thrown into the mix, I’m thinking he’s going to get maimed or killed by the Northridge gang pretty quickly.

Cut to Madison, who we are supposed to think may be going off her rocker because:

•  She’s wearing comfortable clothes (flannel!)
•  Her hair is messy
•  She’s reading a book
•  She doesn’t insult Spencer and Ashley about their relationship when sees them.

The girls are just coming back from getting smoothies, and Ashley is disappointed that her arch-nemesis is too caught up in her own drama to give them the special attention (aka insults) to which they’ve become accustomed.

In fact, she’s practically begging Madison to give her some shit.

Madison relents, but it’s obvious that she’s just going through the motions. She asks them what flavor smoothies they’re drinking, then ventures a few guesses of her own. “What flavor did you get? Lesbian Lemon? Queer Kiwi? No Boysenberries?” Ashley counters with, “No, your favorite: Bi-polar banana split!” Madison rolls her eyes and sends them packing, and Spencer tells Ash that it was nice of her to “try to bitch-slap her out of her depression.”

Art Studio—Clay is trying to convince Chelsea to tell her parents about her pregnancy. He’s sure that it will all work out. Chelsea changes the subject to prom—she wants to go and have one last hurrah before teen life as she knows it is over.

Memory Lane—Glen is giving Madison a little pep talk (aka a big reality check) because she still thanks that Aiden is going to ask her to the prom. Glen suggests that they go together, seeing as how they are now both single (and now both are official screw-ups).

He agrees not to wear flip flops, she agrees not to wear flannel. It’s a date!

Ashley’s Budoir—Spencer is perusing Ashley’s jewelry collection for something to wear to prom. Ashley playfully jumps in the bed, and for a brief moment it looks like she might even make a pass at her girlfriend!

But she doesn’t.

Instead, they make small talk about Barbie dolls and take turns modeling ugly jewelry for each other. They get into a play fight and Ashley falls on top of Spencer. I’m not sure what happens after that, because we cut to a new scene. Guess we’ll all have to keep using our collective imagination with these two.

Carlin Home—Arthur is making dinner and Glen is playing video games when Chelsea arrives at their house crying. Her parents have tossed her out on her ear because her pregnancy has “humiliated” them. Luckily, the guy who got her pregnant has the nicest family on the planet. They gather around Chelsea and comfort her. She’s gonna be just fine.

Davies Residence—Ash and Kyla are getting dressed for the prom while Kyla talks to her mom on the phone. They playfully fight over mirror space, but when Aiden arrives to pick up Kyla, Ashley gets all weird.

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