“South of Nowhere” Recaps: Episode 2.6 “Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are”


The Quad—Sean is trying to talk Clay into going to a film festival with him over the weekend, but Clay is in the midst of a full-blown crisis and just doesn’t have time to sit through some panel about Michael Gondry‘s tired old music videos.

Glen interrupts their conversation with the big news that Paula called him and told him that she is leaving for the weekend with Arthur after all. If you were Paula, would you really call and tell this to the one kid in your house with a possible substance abuse problem?

Glen: We’re on our own, brother!
Clay: So that’s good…that they’re going away together.

Glen hasn’t thought about the “my parents are saving their marriage” angle. He’s just trying to figure out where they’ll park all the cars when people show up for the party at his place.

Glen: Uh, yeah. We’ll have the house to ourselves. Party. Our place. This weekend.
Sean: You look like you could use some more partying.

Now Glen wants to eat Sean’s brain. But he gives him a dirty look instead.

Clay: I’m not in the mood.
Glen: What? Come on, we have the house without the ‘rents. Let’s not waste it.
Clay: Actually, I’m gonna invite Chelsea over for the weekend, so do me a favor—no parties.
Glen: Okay, sure.

Yeah. That’s going to happen.

Glen makes a beeline for Aiden and Madison as Kyla scurries away to her Romeo and Juliet audition. He tells them about the ‘rents, and the party, and Madison offers to attend with Aiden, and “keep an eye on you for Kyla.” Aiden looks unnerved at the suggestion. And not because he was planning to cheat on Kyla. I think he’s just scared of getting bound, gagged, and flayed by Madison. Like in the good old days.

Drama Department—Kyla is auditioning her little heart out for the role of Juliet—crying as she ominously intones, “My dismal scene I needs must act alone”. I hope she gets the part. I have a feeling she’ll soon have a lot of free time on her hands.

Ashley’s Sweet Ride— Parked outside the Carlin abode in Ashely’s convertible, Spencer is working up the courage to drop the gay bomb on Arthur.

Ashley: Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you?
Spencer: No, I can do this alone.

(Which is just a high fallutin’ way of saying “ My dismal scene I needs must act alone”.)

Ashley gives her a chaste hug and Spencer heads for her house. Wouldn’t a big juicy kiss be a better incentive?

Carlin Café—Arthur is packing up yet another cooler full of food. Are they going away for a spa weekend or joining a survivalist organization?

Spencer enters the room and is ready to do the deed.

Spencer: Dad, can I talk to you about something before you leave?
Arthur: Sure honey.
Spencer: It’s about me and Ashley
Paula: What about you and Ashley?

Paula surprises them both by walking into the room. She is all hotted up and ready to leave with Arthur, but there’s always time for a last minute interrogation session before she hits the road.

Spencer: Oh, mom. I didn’t realize you were home.
Paula: Glen didn’t tell you? I got the weekend off, so I’m going to San Diego with your dad.

Spencer: That’s great. I’ll just talk to you guys later. It’s no big deal.
Paula: Okay. If you’re sure…

Arthur must have already slipped Mother Superior a roofie because she calmly drops the questioning and heads out the door.

On his way out, Arthur tells Spencer, “We’ll talk when I get home. It’s gonna be okay” and kisses her goodbye.

He SO knows.

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