“South of Nowhere” Recaps: Episode 2.2 “Behind the Music”

King High Parking Lot — Spencer is trying wheedle the incriminating video out of the Camera Dude. I'm having a nightmarish premonition of Spencer, her mother and some butch ex-dyke in an ill-fitting skirt from Exodus International all duking it out over Spencer's queer soul on daytime television.

Spencer: Um, I'm gonna need that tape of me and Ashley. Camera Dude: Which tape?
Spencer: Don't be an ass! You don't understand if
my parents see that — I mean if anyone really sees that, then I can't
… we can't… Look, my parents don't know that we're together.
My parents don't even know that I'm … and this is going to ruin

No the MPAA did not just censor all of the direct and indirect references to being queer that came out of Spencer's mouth. This is a Spencer problem.

It's like how The Fonz could never admit when he was, "Wrrro —

Camera Dude: That's tough. But this could be huge and that's what I get paid for.

Then he slams the door of his van shut in her face.

Gray — Gray is the South of Nowhere version of The Peach Pit on 90210. Only Gray serves booze and has girls making out with each other in the bathroom. (Hey, whatever happened to that girl, anyway? I think I saw her in a Cingular ad the other night.

Madison is there to pick up a jacket she had left behind. She makes a big deal about it being Italian-made, which I think is supposed to signal to the barkeep (and everyone else) that she is a Woman of Coin. But is she?

The barkeep (her official name is "Cat") tosses Madison her jacket then comes around from the bar for a private conversation.

Okay, I held my tongue about this during Season One, but since she appears to be around for the long haul, I think we need to do some investigating. Am I the only one who gets the serious lesbo vibe from the barkeep? What's her story, anyway?

She reminds me of those girls who tend bar in West Hollywood. You know, she came to Los Angeles to act, but roles like "Pilates Instructor" and "Mechanic" were hard to come by. So got herself a Mystic Tan and headed down to Girlbar where she could make decent tips off the swinging straight couples who come in to gawk and pick up "a third". Who did she piss off at Girlbar to get stuck serving Red Bull to teenagers?

The barkeep is forced to bring up the delicate topic of Madison's bar tab and how it needs to be paid off. Madison is 16 years old, right? How exorbitant can a tab be when you're just ordering Diet Cokes?

Madison tries the old "I'll pay you later" routine, but the barkeep has heard the scandalous rumors about Madison's father.

Barkeep: If you're having trouble, we could work something out —


But that's not what she meant. She's merely offering to let Madison work a few shifts at Gray to pay down her tab.

Madison: (with disgust) Work?

Seriously! Isn't there some knucklehead out there who could take care of this bill? I think Tony Parker's single again —

Spencer's bedroom — Spencer is modeling a cute green dress for Chelsea and trying to figure out what to wear to Ashley's party. Chelsea tells her that she looks "hot", and it's clear that she is going to be totally Susan Sarandon about the whole gay thing when Spencer finally comes out to her.

The girls talk about clothes, and Chelsea gushes over what a great guy Clay is and Spencer tells Chelsea that Clay is crazy about her too. Then Chelsea delicately tries to segue from her relationship with Clay to Spencer's relationship with Ashley.

Chelsea: I think it's really great that you're planning this party for Ashley.
Spencer: Yeah, well (squirm squirm), she's my best friend, so —

Spencer looks around the room for a picture to adjust or some papers to organize. Chelsea won't let her off that easily.

Chelsea: Isn't she more than just a friend?

Spencer looks a little dazed, and she stammers while trying to figure out the "right" answer in this situation.

The Jenny LookThat look Spencer just gave Chelsea — it's so familiar.

Wait, I know! It's the "Jenny" look. Watch any episode of The L Word in which Jenny is talking about some portion of her novel (or hellish piece of personal history) and you'll see her give that look to the listener. It's like she's quietly checking to see if the person is about to throttle her before she launches into her next overshare.

Spencer: (snapping out of Jenny-ville) Yeah…Yes!

The girls giggle with glee cause it's so cool to be young and gay. Or gay-friendly.

Chelsea: I really like how you guys are together. It feels real.
Spencer: Well it is — I mean for me. I don't know if that matters to anyone else though.
Chelsea: You know what? You find love — no matter who it is, you're lucky.

The girls embrace. Yay! Spencer just came out!

Holy Crap. Spencer just came out! She realizes what this means and panics.

Spencer pleads with Chelsea, "Please don't tell anyone "cause no one in my family knows."

Chelsea crosses her heart, but it turns out Clay has been listening in the doorway. He pipes up, "I do. But no one will know until you're ready."

That was really sweet. I'm glad that Clay is going to be all Tim Robbins about this.

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