“South of Nowhere” Recaps: Episode 2.2 “Behind the Music”


Carlin Household — Paula has loosened her iron grip on the family (probably because she's been gripping something else, ahem.) and as a result it has fallen into utter liberal chaos. Arthur is cooking hippie food for the kids and their gaggle of friends, and it looks like a scene from Alice's Restaurant.

Chelsea makes the mistake of asking for details about the ingredients, and is regaled with stories from Arthur's tour of duty in the Peace Corps, which included basket weaving with some old woman in China. Clay and Spencer warn her against showing an interest, but Chelsea keeps kissing Arthur's ass and he goes on. And on.

Soon Chelsea is starting to nod off into the salad spinner as Arthur rhapsodizes about a youth hostel and his student visa. And I think I heard something about "chasing the dragon", but I'm not totally sure.

Anyway, the non-ass-kissing teens (Clay, Spencer, Aiden) are gossiping in the other room.

Spencer: I just feel so bad for Ashley right now. I don't think she can take one more hit.

(She's wearing her love-goggles, because Ashley's been doling out most of the hits of late.)

Aiden: Yeah, but I feel bad for Kyla too. (i.e. "I've got it bad for Kyla too")
Spencer: You like her!
Aiden: No! I'm just saying, she's going through the same things Ashley is.
Spencer: Yeah, and I'm just saying you like her.

Chelsea jumps in and wants to know who they're talking about., but she's really just eager to get into any conversation that isn't about The Tao of Macramé.

While they create the Evite for Ashley's party, Glen comes home with Mother Superior. He hears the word "party" and starts to hyperventilate.

Glen: "I'm SO there."

Odd, I didn't know that Glen partied with The Gays. And neither did Spencer.

Spencer: Okay, you are SO not invited.
Glen: What? Why?
Spencer: How about because you don't even like Ashley?
Glen: Yeah, but I love parties. So if you're not inviting me, I'm just gonna crash it.

Great. So much for her plan to be Ashley's "Private Dancer".

Paula joins them, beams proudly at her dipstick son and then asks Clay and Chelsea if they're staying for dinner. Clay isn't but Chelsea is, and Paula's just tickled about it.

Paula: Good. It will give me a chance to catch up on my favorite couple.

Clay and Chelsea think Paula's talking about them (and not herself and Dr. Ben), so they make smoochy faces at each other.

Meanwhile, Spencer — who apparently was hoping that she and Ashley could be Paula's favorite couple — shivers in the icy breeze of second class citizenship. Her sweet little mug looks truly sad, but I'm sure she'll turn to her sensitive and caring new girlfriend for comfort at school the next day.

King High —

Ashley: That sucks. But it's the price you pay for being in the closet.

Spencer has just related the whole "favorite couple" thing to Ashley. So much for sympathy. Sounds like Ashley wants to change the subject. To herself.


Ashley: Don't worry. My night sucked too. My mom has officially made Kyla her B.F.F.

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