“South of Nowhere” Recaps: Episode 2.1 “The Morning After”


Aiden's Bedroom — What the hell is Ashley doing here?

His place is standard straight boy fare. He has some cheesy sports posters on the wall (“Are you a warrior?”), and it probably smells like feet.

Ashley's has exasperated almost everyone with her bratty whining about her sister, so she's found the one person so desperate to be in her company that he'll let her keep beating that tired old step-horse. And now she's even bitching about Spencer! She knows Spencer's trying to help, but it's “bugging” her.

Oh please.

Aiden says that he sympathizes with Spencer, because Ashley used to push him away too. When Ashley admits that she's being a bitch and Aiden doesn't correct her, they have a little play fight that starts to get…physical. Aiden almost kisses her, and she tells him, “I'm with Spencer now.”

They work it out, and a disappointed Aiden agrees to let Ashley spend the night—platonically—at his place.

I guess this little trip to the Jock Lair wasn't a total waste. It was kind of sweet to hear Ashley affirm that she and Spence are an actual couple.

Now if only she'd act like it.

King High School —The next morning, Madison and Spencer end up waiting together for Aiden and Ashley. Madison makes time for a lame gay joke, but Spencer's not intimidated. She is, however, curious. Why does Madison so obsessively hate on Ashley?

Madison: I don't care about you two. You can do whatever perverted things you want.

I wouldn't hold my breath, honey. In fact, I'm beginning to that think their hook up was a fluke. Or my own hallucination.

Spencer: (with a smirk) “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

Ooh, someone got the “Understanding Homophobia” memo. Go Spencer!

When Madison doesn't respond, Spencer spells it out.

Spencer: You're saying you don't care. But you're saying it over and over, which must mean that you really do care. The question is, why?
Madison: Because I know it makes Ashley mad, and that's my hobby.
Spencer: Maybe it's because you really like her and just miss that she's not your friend anymore.
Madison: Yeah, you're so special. Give her time, she'll burn you too.

I would like to hear more on that topic, but Ashley and Aiden roll up together in Ashley's sexy new Season Two Porsche. Madison doesn't like hearing that they spent the night together, and she storms off in a huff. Spencer doesn't like it either, but she asks the obvious question rather than assume worst.

Ashley assures her that they weren't fooling around, she just needed to get away after her fight with Kyla. Spencer doesn't understand why Ashley wouldn't come to her instead. Ashley reminds her that she wants to come to her, but that she can't always come to her house.

I forgot how much being sixteen can suck.

Across Campus — Aiden finally dumps Madison. Despite her protests that they can “work on” developing the love thing, Aiden tells her that it's just not meant to be. Poor Madison is devastated, and she cries her little eyes out.

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