“South of Nowhere” Recaps: Episode 2.1 “The Morning After”


Ashley's Bedroom — There are a lot of great things about being Ashley. This sprawling mansion, her glamorous bedroom, the swooning girl in her glamorous bedroom, and the fact that there never, ever seem to be any pesky parental interferences. Case in point, Ashley is prancing around the room in the black leather vest her father gave her and, well, not much else.

Hey, can they do this on The N? Who cares? Keep watching.

Ashley strikes a near-nude seductive pose and asks Spencer, “What do you think?”

Spencer looks nervous. I think she's afraid that she's about to get her first lap dance, and she's not quite sure how that works. So she squeaks, “Hot!” and Ashley purrs, “Yes, I am.”

But before Spencer has to start counting her $1 bills or figure out where she's going to put her hands, the TV news interrupts the regularly broadcasted lesbian teen romance to tell us that Ashley's dad has just been killed in a car crash. It's a horrible moment, and it's clear that Ashley's life has changed forever. And that those intimacy issues just got a whole lot worse.

Later, Spencer leaves concerned phone messages for Ashley, who screens her out.

King High School — Spencer confides in Aiden that she's worried about Ashley going into seclusion, and he casually assures her “she'll surface”. (This guy is a veritable font of compassion, how did Ashley ever leave him?)

Madison slithers up to them and, much to Spencer's surprise, tells her to pass along her condolences to Ashley. Then she switches back to her normal self and puts her hooks into Aiden. She wants to see him that night, and he says that he's available “unless Ashley needs me.” Madison gives an extra haughty hair flip and says, “Why don't you leave Ashley's needs to Spencer and concentrate on the girl who likes being with boys?”

For once, I agree with Madison.

Ashley's Bedroom —Ashley is tormenting herself by looking at pictures of her dad. She is really messed up by his unexpected death, and in case you didn't get that about her, you can tell by her t-shirt with the word “Broken” subtly emblazoned on the collar.

Spencer has stormed the castle and is there to comfort Ashley—who does not want to be comforted. She laments the lack of time spent with her father, and when Spencer tries to reassure her, she flinches and gives Spencer a dirty look.

Ashley: I need my space, okay?
Spencer: No! It's not alright. I'm not going to let you push me away, not now, not when you're hurting like this.
Ashley: Like what, Spencer? Do you have any idea how I feel? No, you don't. You can't. So just stop it.
Spencer: Stop what? Caring about you?
Ashley: If you really cared, you would just leave.

Just then, Ashley's mom—a reject from the set of Dynasty—enters the room to talk to her about the funeral arrangements. Sure, she's a pain, but wouldn't you rather she interrupt a fight rather than a make out session?

Alexis Carrington Davies doesn't want to spend a penny on her ex-husband, and this sends Ashley into a blind rage. She makes a really good speech about the best aspects of her rocker dad, but Alexis isn't hearing it.

Alexis: He was the bastard who left me for some girl who got on his bus after a show in Baltimore.
Ashley: Isn't that how I was born?
Alexis: I don't remember. I've tried to suppress my life's most disappointing moments.
Ashley: (storming out of the room) I can't deal with either of you right now.

Oh Spencer, this is the first time that you're being irrationally lumped in with Ashley's mother, but it's not likely to be the last.

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams — Ashley takes a long, lonely walk on the Sunset Strip, where she finds that some of her father's fans have set up altars in his memory. She takes some comfort in their shared love of her father, as well as some inspiration for how she can celebrate his life.

Despite her hootchie schoolgirl outfit, she doesn't even get busted for solicitation on the way home. I guess her dad's spirit really is watching over here after all.

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