Sound Check: May 2008


Hip-hop duo Team Gina
is featured in the new video for trans
rapper Athens Boys Choir‘s
song, "Fagette." The video is directed by Portland filmmaker Ali
Cotterill, who has also done videos for Scream Club
and Nicky Click.

Team Gina

Panda and Angel
(a Seattle indie band with an out front woman, Carrie Murphy) are
working on a new album, but their song "Dangerous" from their 2006
debut will be on the Real
episode airing May 7.

Ditto was recently interviewed by the Onion
and said the Gossip is
working on a new album, and that they don’t take themselves too seriously. "[Being
gay is] just such a part of who we are as a band," she said. "If you
want to look at it like that, all music is pretty f—ing gay. [Laughs.] I mean
especially dance music or punk music, it’s all so gay."

Nashville singer/songwriter Jen Foster
has introduced a video for her single, "Closer to Nowhere."
The song recently won first place in the Triple A category in the International
Songwriting Competition which was judged by veterans such as Amy Ray and Loretta Lynn.

Los Angeles band Her Girl
have announced they are on an indefinite hiatus. They
played their last show on April 26.

Yo Majesty‘s Shunda K is looking for after-show
gigs to play while on tour. Anyone who wants to host a hot hip-hop after party
should hit her up on MySpace.

Sia‘s new video for "The
Girl You Lost" shows the Aussie singer playing many different roles. Her
sense of humor shows through an otherwise serious song. My favorite Sia would
have to be the tap-dancing soccer mom.

Sia in "The Girl You Lost"

Kim Ann Foxman,
the lesbian singer of new DFA-signed band Hercules and Love Affair,
was recently
profiled on the New York Times style
. Her singing on tunes like "Athene" are making the
album a disco-punk hit on the internet.

MondoHomo South has announced the lineup for the mid-June music
festival. Performers include The Dead Betties, 8 Inch Betsy and Nicky Click.

Musician and producer Meghan Toohey plays
guitar on the new Weepies album Hideway. She’s also been putting up vlogs of her recent travels and one from earlier this month includes fellow lesbian musician, Rachel Cantu.

Lastly, if you’re in New York on May 10 at noon, I’ll be
moderating at music panel at Q-Me Con,
(Ripley Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Ave.). It’s
called "Make an Impact (and a Living) through
Music," and the panelists are hip-hop maven Hanifah Walidah, Riot Grrrl
Ink label owner Gina Marmone, and Breaking Records’ Bernadette

On tour: Girl in a Coma, Joan Jett, Tegan and Sara, An Horse,
Scream Club, Ferron, Bitch, New Bloods,
Yo Majesty, Chris Pureka, Jen Foster

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