Sound Check: March 2008


Canadian group iblamerobot definitely have a robotic element to the tracks on their self-titled EP.
Fronted by lesbian Stephanie Noel, the guitar and electronics mix with the drum
machine in a staccato and hard-hitting force. Unfortunately, songs such as "We
Met Eyes" aren’t interesting enough to stand out from other songs by
similar bands in the genre.


"You’re Just a Boy in a
Dress" isn’t necessarily awful, but the gender identity lyrical content is
what makes it listenable once. Noel’s singing is reminiscent of Nicky Click’s rhyming
and Kelly’s viral hit "Shoes." If you’re a fan of irony, you might become
a fan of iblamerobot, but if you’re seeking songs for your playlist, you
probably won’t be adding this EP to your iPod.

Now a Minneapolis
resident by way of Texas,
Ellis‘ voice is ideal for the kind of folk she sings.
Her new album, Break the Spell, is
full of positive songs about accepting and living through change. She has a
nice, clean-sounding voice, especially on songs like "Before You Leave,"
and her music pleasantly retains some of her Texan background with a tiny bit
of twang, giving her an edge on her competition.

Break the Spell is Ellis’ sixth album, so she knows what works for
her and what doesn’t. Her fans will likely purchase the album for the uplifting,
Buddhist-inspired tracks about embracing challenges. However, those not into
folky, poetic pieces might not find her lyrics — such as "Every sky is a
memory" and "Caution, listen for red lights" — as inspiring.

News and Notes

In mid-March, Austin,
Texas, turns
into a music madhouse with the South by Southwest Music Festival.
Among the lesbian and bisexual musicians playing the festival March 12–16 are Kaki
King, Girl in a Coma, the Blow, Von Iva, Mika Miko, New Bloods, Uh Huh Her, the
, Dynasty Handbag, Paradise
Island, Sia, Swati, Bound
Stems, MEN and Midtown Dickens.

Sarah Bettens

has announced the U.S.
release of her new album, Shine. Fans
can find it in stores on May 13. Her video for the single "Daddy’s Gun"
has been in the top 10 of Logo’s Click List for several weeks.

Watch the video for "Daddy’s Gun":

Returning to her original
moniker, Bitch (briefly known as Capital b) will release an EP this spring with
her band, the Exciting Conclusion, on her new record label, Short Story

Tila Tequila
has released a video for her song "Stripper Friends." The bisexual
pop and reality television star keeps up her bi tricks in the vid, getting a
lap dance from a stripper and making out with a guy outside the club.

The Gossip

will release their CD and DVD, Gossip: Live in Liverpool, on April 15.

New York
band Triple Creme have announced they will split up after an April 4
show at Brooklyn’s Southpaw. The amicable parting has produced two
new bands featuring former members, Luff and big, that will also play at Southpaw.

On Tour This Month: Sia, MEN, Antigone Rising and
Yo Majesty.

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