Sound Check: June 2008


Nervous but Excited
claim to be recording a "green album," as they are currently working
on a CD that will leave "no ecological footprint" and "zero emissions."
In fact, the entire Riot Grrrl Ink roster will be touring green from now on.
This includes artists including God-dess and She, Jenny Hoyston, Pamela Means
and Andrea Gibson.

Nervous but Excited’s Sarah Cleaver (left) and Kate Peterson

Speaking of tours, Uh
Huh Her
wrapped up their short Midwestern tour with a stop in New York City, taking
some photos
for of their
pre-show mani-pedis. What a strenuous life they lead! The ladies have also
launched behind-the-scenes webisodes on their
. Stalk away!

Uh Huh Her

If you’re in California this week, you can
catch the end of the West Coast
Pass the Torch Tour that
Queer Control Records has embarked on over the last week. Featuring the label’s
queercore bands 8
Inch Betsy
, Pariah Piranha, Tough Tough Skin, Fruit Punch and Oi-Gays, the
last show of the tour will be on Friday in San Francisco at El Rio.

Ex-members of New York-based band Marla Hooch have formed the new trio Leo My Ego. Fans of their former
band or Le Tigre-esque electro-pop will dig their songs like "Hipster

Erin McKeown and her
girlfriend Allison Miller have formed the musical duo Emma. They have recorded
several unreleased songs available on their
Myspace page

On Tour: Catie Curtis, Ani DiFranco, True Colors Tour, Janis Ian, Von Iva, Melissa Etheridge, Dresden Dolls


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