Sound Check: January 2009


Live Show Review

Seeing CSS on-stage is like coming out: You know it’s going to be painful,
but you just gotta go through it. Seriously, not dancing through their entire
set is not an option, so get ready for your back to ache and your heels to

Cansei de Ser Sexy ("CSS")

The Brazillian band is made up of four women and one guy, and three of the
girls are queer (guitarist Luiza Sá, guitarist Ana Rezende and guitarist
Carolina Parra). Those are some good odds! Singer Lovefoxx is not one of the
gays, but she is the only woman I know who can rock a full on unitard and
matching headpiece while singing fast-paced songs about making love to Death
From Above.

Touring on their second Sub Pop album, Donkey,
CSS put on a full-on fantastic show at the Metro in Chicago last month. Playing songs from both
albums, including the iTunes commercial track that brought them even more fame,
"Music is My Hot Hot Sex," they played with an energy that is rare to
see at 8 p.m. on a Sunday night.

They had an early set to appease the all-ages audience, but
once they launched into their high-octane hits like "Move," there
were no complaints except when the encore finished and the house lights came

The audience participation was quite entertaining itself, as Lovefoxx frequently
flung herself into the middle of the crowd and ask questions, with the correct answer
winning the audience member an "internship at Elle Decor Magazine."
When balloons were brought out onto the stage, CSS members flung them out into
the audience, and they continued back and forth throughout several songs.

A CSS party is one party you don’t want to miss when it happens in your town.
Invite all your friends!

Releases Reviewed

Speaking of bands breaking up, Chicago-based band Office has called it quits,
but not before releasing one last album. Mecca has been made available for free
digital download
on queer singer Scott Mason’s website. (He also notes that
lesbian drummer Erica Corniel and two other bandmates are going on to form a
yet-unnamed band.)

Mecca is the follow-up to 2007′s major label
release. It’s bittersweet listening to the album, as it shows the brilliant
indie-pop charm that the band has maintained throughout its revolving line-up.

From the upbeat opening track "Sticky Dew" to the
’50s-inspired harmonious "Exit You, Enter Me," Corniel’s drumming is
the pacemaker, and one of the most integral parts of the band. I’m looking to
forward to what’s coming from her in the future. Perhaps a reuniting of her
former all-girl band, Twat Vibe?

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