Sofia Black D’Elia and Bryan Elsley tell us why you should give US “Skins” a chance


Now, my generation was very different when it comes to knowing gay and
lesbian people. And we’re always hearing that your generation is quite
different. Do you have gay and lesbian friends?

SBD: Yep. Actually, one of my lesbian friends is very similar to Tea in a lot of ways. Not as intense,
but similar. And I think what’s so cool about my girl friends that are
gay is that they’re the cool ones. They’re the confident ones in my
group of friends and they’re the ones who know who they are. They’re so
comfortable. And that’s going to be hard for me [to portray] because
it’s just a confidence you sense as soon as you meet them. Because it is much more accepted now.


Sofia Black D’Elia as Bailey on All My Children

AE: What do you think about Tea?
From what Bryan and I have talked about, I think it’s going to be interesting to see a character on Skins that
can compete with Tony, in the sense that while you’re watching series
one of the original show, no one really matches up to him. But I think
that Tea has it in her. Whether she uses it or not, I don’t know. But
she’s definitely very strong. She’s a really, really strong character.
And I think it’s cool because a lot of girls are really insecure when
they’re teenagers, and here’s a character who is not insecure one bit.
And she’s completely confident in who she is, and I’m excited to see
where she goes because I don’t know yet.

AE: OK, last
question: You have to deal with another tricky stereotype. You are
playing a cheerleader. How are you going to approach her? There are a
lot of cheerleading stereotypes.

SBD: Well, I think the
great thing about Tea is that she doesn’t fit any of the stereotypes
except that she just likes to cheerlead. I know people who absolutely
love cheerleading. It’s like a hobby. They don’t do it just to cheer for
the football team or be that girly-girl. I mean, that is a stereotype. The cheerleaders we’ve worked with
on the pilot are extremely intense people that are athletes. And Tea
also does it because she gets to be around a lot of girls all the time,
and there’s nothing wrong with that!

AE: Good answer! Anything else you want to say about the character, or about being on the show?
I don’t think so, except that I understand where people are coming from
with Maxxie being changed to a girl, but I also think she will bring a
lot to the show, and if you just watch and try to have an open mind
about it, I think that people will really accept her.

US Skins filming begins in two weeks and I’ll be bringing you a set report and interviews from Toronto, so stay tuned for that!

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