“Smash” Recap 108: “Welcome To My Level”


Derek explains that this spectacle is “a potential direction for Marilyn.” Eileen chimes in that they were afraid they’d resist the idea in the abstract so they decided to put something on for them. Tom and Julia are outraged. Karen apologizes for her part and I feel terrible for her because she’s still trapped behind those bedsteads with no avenue of escape.

Katie pulls Eileen outside and reads her for what she did to people she’s worked with and who trust her. She accuses Eileen of behaving the way that Jerry would and warns her that she can’t let herself turn into Jerry.

Back inside Derek and Tom are getting into it when Eileen intervenes, saying they’ve made a terrible mistake. It’s about to explode again when Ellis materializes from the shadows and suggests everyone dial it back, regroup and meet tomorrow. Eileen and Ellis leave together in her car and butter wouldn’t melt in Ivy’s mouth as she condescends to Karen that she totally gets why Karen would backstab Tom and Julia the way she did.

Julia leaves and Tom and Derek go for round a hundred and twenty-three in their ongoing feud. Tom complains that he should never have let Derek anywhere near Marilyn and Derek’s all “But ya did, Blanche, ya did let me near Marilyn!” Derek accuses Tom of not having what it takes to bring Marilyn to life without him and that Tom is just bitter over “whatever nonsense you think I pulled eleven years ago!”

They go back and forth about the “nonsense” which involves a show they did together back then for which Derek was praised by a particular critic while Tom was panned. Derek bragged about it and went to everyone on Broadway accusing Tom of being unstable and overrated and oh, by the way, that (male) critic was having sex with Derek’s father and oh my god this just got awesome.

Derek grabs Tom by the shirt and looks like he’s about to slug him, but instead releases him and pats him on the cheek. “Congratulations, Tom. Welcome to my level.” Derek explains that the biggest problem with Tom’s conception of Marilyn is that it’s too nice. He’s ignoring her status as a “drug-addicted sexual icon the likes of which the world can’t get enough of” in favor of some “gay male fantasy figure.” They both say they have no intention of quitting the project.

The next day at Eileen’s office Julia’s back in her stupid big sunglasses as Eileen states that they will need a star in place of Ivy if the project is going to go forward. As Julia, Tom and Derek leave Tom spots Ellis at a desk and jokingly asks if he’s working there now. He confesses that he is and thanks Tom for the opportunity. Quitting not only with no notice but without even saying you’re quitting. Stay classy, Ellis. Julia pulls a hilarious stinkface about it.

At City Hall Dev is surprised that weenie-wagger Paul is still employed. Dev’s boss Andrew tells Dev that he went to the Chief of Staff with the peen shots but they disappeared. Paul is apparently bullet-proof.

Kate’s furnished Eileen’s apartment and is leaving for Alaska to count wild salmon. Wait, what?

Ivy meets Tom backstage at Heaven on Earth and breaks it to her that she’s being replaced.

Karen cooks Dev the threatened curry.

Ivy sings the opening of “Let Me Be Your Star” to herself in her apartment. Derek drops and evinces actual human compassion and gets laid for his troubles.

Wow, after starting off kind of slow this episode unleashed some pretty huge bombshells. We got the roots of Tom and Derek’s feud and the roots of Derek’s anti-gay attitude. We got a sweet little scene between John and Tom with finally some non-awkward affection between them. And all of the gay chorines got some screen time too.

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