“Smash” Recap 108: “Welcome To My Level”


Tom’s cooking dinner for John, who fills him in on the legal proceedings. John: “You guys really do need to keep a lawyer around.” Tom: “I think so.” And they kiss. Aww!

To try to shake Ivy out of her funk the chorines gang up and take her bowling. They “spontaneously” break into a dance routine to the tune of Sly & the Family Stone’s “Dance to the Music.” It’s a little inorganic and in reality the bowling alley would have kicked them out for dancing down a lane, but it’s a lip sync and it reminds me a little of “Hot Lunch Jam” from Fame so I’ll allow it.

Paul meets with Dev at City Hall and takes some speech away from him on the pretext that Dev’s “whole Oxford thing” doesn’t play in the sticks.

Ellis “coincidentally” bumps into Ivy outside her dance class, claiming he’s in the next class. Ivy: “Ballet?”

Ellis: “Yeah.” Under color of concern, Ellis informs her of the clandestine Karen/Derek thing. She’s determined to find out what’s what.

Enter Bobby in full-on Harriet the Spy mode. He meets Karen for drinks and weasels the intel out of Karen.Cut to Ellis’s place, where they-call-me-Cyn poses the question America’s been asking: “Now, run this by me again. You’re messing in this…why?” Turns out he wants to be a producer, and he thinks Tom and Ivy are both losers. Yes, the wealthy, successful composer and the Broadway actress who’s been working steadily for a decade are losers, compared to the guy who makes tea and picks up the dry cleaning. Ass.

Dev’s conscience gives way to his survival instincts so he calls R.J. to unleash the peen bomb. She calls a couple of computer-savvy friends to help her deploy it and it turns out the daughter Paul sent the pics to is underage. Karen walks in while Dev and R.J. are in mid-embrace. Jealousy flares but quickly dies in the face of a little nookie.

The next day Derek tells Karen she sounds and looks great but she needs to stop being afraid of the sex. Karen’s got the beauty and the purity down just like Marilyn did but unlike Marilyn she’s missing the top layer of sex. And that’s this week’s tortured Marilyn analogy.

Tom and Julia meet up with Eileen and Kate and head into the rehearsal space. Eileen and Ivy sneak in as well. Karen launches into the full version of Tedder’s “Touch Me,” written especially for her and the series. The choreography has Karen standing on a mattress wrapped in a sheet-like dress with her leg stuck out like Angelina at the Oscars while masked dancers cage her in with iron bedsteads. Julia looks every bit as mystified as I feel. Ivy leaves in disgust.

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