“Smash” 103 Recap: “Joltin’ Joe”


Tom is noodling song ideas on the piano and Julia thinks it should be “more ballad-y”. Ellis of course loves it. He offers to stick one of Julia’s note cards back on the cork board but her over-reaction cues him to depart to pick up the dry cleaning.

With Ellis gone Tom asks Julia why she dislikes Ellis. She deflects by saying everybody doesn’t have to like everybody then shifts the discussion first to the likeability of Derek and then to a possible duet for Marilyn and Joe. This leads Tom to bring up Michael Swift which prompts Julia to suggest cutting Joe DiMaggio out of the show completely. Why such an extreme reaction? I’m thinking she banged him.

Shift to Michael at home playing with his toddler son as his wife enters. She’s way more excited about his playing DiMaggio than he is. Yeah, he and Julia totally did it.

Eileen meets with potential backers in her office. Any enthusiasm they may have had evaporates upon hearing Jerry won’t be involved in the production.

Karen’s packing for a trip to Iowa for a baby shower. She’s worried that the trip, and the workshop, will cause her to miss too many shifts at the diner. Dev assures her that he can cover expenses but she isn’t sure she wants anyone paying her bills.

Ellis is chilling on a roof with an as-yet unnamed man and woman. The guy wonders how he managed to score the job with Tom so easily. It turns out Ellis’s mother knew Tom’s brother in college. The woman asks if he’s being paid for his Marilyn idea.

Cut to the next day. Ellis sees Julia’s notebook in her bag as Julia and Tom brainstorm about what Joe and Marilyn wanted for their lives. Julia babbles “marriage is a good thing” over and over and goes in search of her notebook. She can’t find it, because Ellis has snagged it and left the apartment. Cheeky monkey!

Karen arrives in Iowa and Dad crushes her dreams a bit. Unlike their last conversation in New York, she holds her ground.

Ivy, Dennis and the chorine (who really needs a name; does she have a name?) are backstage at Heaven on Earth nattering about Ivy and Derek’s relationship, and it’s all very uninteresting. It’s going to end in grief sooner or later. I’d prefer sooner to later because they bore me.

Ellis, on the other hand, interests me a great deal as he peruses Julia’s purloined notebook in a black wifebeater. The woman from the rooftop calls him on swiping it, but he justifies it by saying Julia has it in for him and he has to defend himself. He spots something of interest in the book but rather than tell us or his lady friend he decides on a makeout session instead. So Ellis is apparently straight after all. Le sigh.

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