“Skins” reveals Mini’s girl crush, gives Franky a happy beginning

Mini tilts Franky’s chin up while every lesbian in the United Kingdom shouts, “KISS HER G–DAMMIT!” at the telly.

Everyone’s emotions amp up to unbearable on the ride to the wedding in Alo’s van. Liv watches Matty watch Franky. Mini watches Franky watch Matty. Franky and Matty stare like the world will stop spinning if they break eye-contact, which they’re only forced to do when the van lurches forward and Matty ends up on top of her. The answer to the question about what’s going on between the two of them? Something he can’t stop.

There’s a beer brawl for giggles, and it’s all fun and games until Mini tries to use it as an excuse to actually murder Matty. Franky cottons on to the attempted homicide and she’s like, “Have you been saying shit behind my back?” And Mini explains that Franky deserves better, that she’s trying to protect her, that Matty only wants to “f–k her and f–k her up.” Franky says, “good!” and storms off after Liv and Matty.

Things get real gay real fast with those three when Liv tries to seduce Franky to fix what’s broken with her and Matty. Liv unzips Franky’s dress and kisses her neck. Franky leans into it because Franky is into people. And also she’s pilled up. Matty stops Liv because Franky’s not some kind of experiment, and Liv gets it then: That Matty’s level of head-f–kery matches Franky’s level of head-f–kery, and there’s nothing she can do to stop it either.

In the woods, Franky and Matty fall on top of each other for some serious groping, but Franky flashes to some kind of traumatic experience from her childhood, and breaks free from his grasp, running and running and running until she topples over an actual cliff. Liv saves her, Mini shows up and holds her. It’s some of that heavy-handed Skins symbolism I love so much. Before the fall, Liv broke the news to Mini that her “girl crush is so blatant.”

After Grace and Rich’s thwarted wedding, the gang crashes an outdoor wedding reception. Dakota Blue Richards said in an interview with Digital Spy that there was a Mini/Franky kiss that was cut from the scene — her favorite, by the way — and Matty and Franky end up in each other’s arms.

It’s funny: I kind of thought every AfterEllen.com reader would be rooting for Mini and Franky, but so many of you guys are rooting for Matty and Franky, because as revolutionary as Franky’s character is, how interesting would it be to watch a more “masculine” female character end up with a bloke? Others of you are Minky all the way. At this point, it seems very one-sided, with most of the longing coming off of Mini. But I can’t wait to see where the writers take these stories in series six.

I’ve got an interview with Jamie Brittain for you in the next day or two, so stay tuned for that. And in the meantime, you might want to check out the new Skins novel. When I told Jamie I was convinced something happened between Mini and Liv when they were younger, he laughed and said I’d find out all about that in the book. 

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