“Skins” reveals generation three, we only cry a little


One of the ladies is going to play a character "very much in the tradition of Skins‘ portrayal of sexuality," according to Jamie Brittain (more on that soon), and if the past is any indication of the future, one of these poor kids is going to get axe-murdered by the end of series six.

This cast reveal makes me feel like Jessie Spano all hopped up on caffeine pills: So excited! So excited! So … scared. A lot of people on the internet are being kind of awful about the new cast already, and I think I know why. It’s a little scientific law called Juxtaposing Lily, and it goes like this: Something pretty on its own is pretty. Something pretty placed beside Lily Loveless looks like a monster. Here’s what I mean:

The Law of Juxtaposing Lily

The light of The Loveless is too strong; it overpowers all the other beautiful things. So to really get a good grasp on the new cast, you have to shut down all your browser tabs with photos of The Loveless, meditate for 15 minutes on something other than The Loveless, and then reassess the new Skins gen.

Now, back to generation two: You guys can stop crying. Jack Thorne wrote a movie about you. You start filming in like a month.

Much better.

What do you think of the new generation of Skins?

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