“Skins” retro recap 3.09: Katie and Emily

Katie F–king Fitch is looking fierce outside of Roundview, sashaying toward her history exam to the dulcet tones of Lady Gaga. Only guess what? It’s not Katie F–king Fitch at all. It’s Emily Fitch disguised as Katie Fitch disguised as a punching bag. Doug is easily fooled. I mean, yes: Doug is easily fooled. But in this case he is easily fooled by Emily. Not so much fooled is JJ, who somehow deduces that it’s Emily by staring at her rack. Also not fooled is Naomi, who is waiting for Emily beside Katie’s locker, all flirty smiles and touchy hands and mixed messages. (Remember when I compared Naomi to Gollum a long time ago? It’s like that.)

She gives Emily an up-down that almost sets her clothes on fire, says she should dress like that more often, says Emily looks nice, says she’s going away to Cyrpus to do some thinking. By herself. She says it three times: “By myself.” And then she goes, “Let’s be friends.” Emily says, “We say that, don’t we?” And I think she means, “We say let’s be friends and then four seconds later we’re ripping each other’s clothes off or cuddling in a bouncy castle or making love in the forest, huh?” Naomi wistfully says, “Yeah. Well, have a good summer.” (The way she says “yeah” is reminiscent of Cassie a little bit, and there’s literally no comparison there, but it’s sweet.)

Emily just sort of shrugs and sighs because magic can do a lot of things, but it can’t make another person brave. One more time, though — just one more time — she’s going to be brave enough for both of them. “I’ll miss you,” she calls out — and Naomi stops. The way her shoulders heave, you know she knows her body is going to do the next thing all on its own. She turns on her heel and smashes Emily against the lockers, kissing her with a desperation we’ve never seen and saying, “I can’t stand it. I can’t. Jesus.” Emily whispers it’s OK and they hop on out of there to Naomi’s house.

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