Skins retro recap (3.08): “Effy”


Back at the camp, Effy has a seat beside Panda, her softest spot and the thread that makes her believe in the goodness of humanity. (Spoiler alert: Not for long!) They talk about how love changes, how it can’t stay the same, and Effy presents the ‘shrooms as a distraction. Illicit substance-stance-stance echos off the trees and everyone comes running. Katie flips out about how: a) It’s kind of dumb to eat fungus off the forest floor, and b) Stop hijacking my grown-up party with your childish hijinks, bitch. (Don’t destroy my narrative: Belle of the ball, half of a happy couple, hostess extraordinaire! Don’t go off the map!)

Emily bounds over wagging her tail, all, “Treat? Treats! For me? The Cutest Human Ever!” Katie says, “Emily, don’t you f–king dare.” Naomi — flipping Katie’s switch to Nuclear Wrath in time for the next episode — says, “Don’t listen to her Em.” And just like that, Effy has taken everything back again.

(I couldn’t screencap the next scene ’cause it was too dark, so have some bonus Naomily!)

Oh, those two — even when they’re not involved with the action, they’re stealing the show.

Everyone gets to trippin’ with sparklers! Hallucinogens and explosives: always a heady combination! In their post-’shroom haze, everyone cuddles up on the ground: Effy and Panda, Katie and Freddie. In the night, in the dark, in the throes of drug-induced euphoria, Effy and Freddie’s hands reach for each other of their own volition. And like a prayer whispered on behalf of everyone who has the courage to reach through the cat flap, Emily says into the darkness:

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Forget about all that other shit. It’s not about that; it’s about everything else. Like when you open your eyes at night and you see that face? You can’t breathe because you’re that happy.

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