“Skins” Retro Recap (3.07): “JJ”


This scene is fascinating, relationship dynamic-wise. JJ knows that Freddie is in love with Effy, so he’s like, "Dude, so not right." Katie knows it too, but she’s like, "Free country, yo." Emily also knows it, but her disapproval has nothing to do with that. She’s hurt. "Why didn’t you tell me?" Katie’s like, "I’m sorry; maybe my postal application hasn’t reached you yet." But on a deeper level, I mean, have you ever really thought about what Katie must have been going through when Emily took Naomi down to that lake. They’re sisters; they share everything. Katie knows about Naomi; she so very obviously knows about Naomi. Emily didn’t tell her. So she didn’t tell Emily. When there aren’t any rules anymore, anyone can make the rules.

Katie is still lashing out, telling JJ maybe her "weirdo sister" is up for it. JJ Hagrids that that’s ridiculous because Emily’s gay. "I shouldn’t have told ya that!" Suddenly Katie doesn’t care that she’s naked or in Freddie’s bed or that Karen’s still chomping down on popcorn out in the hallway. The camera closes in on her like the walls of the world and she begs Emily to tell her that’s not true.

In Freds’ shed, JJ begs him to make up with Cook, but Freddie pulls out a guitar and plays him a song:

Now our JJ must decide
Who will be the boy he casts aside?
Will Freddie be the one who he loves like nookie
Or will it be the one who we’ll call … Cookie
He must decide, he must decide
Even though I made him up, he must decide!

As if JJ’s day wasn’t rough enough, he goes home to find that his mum has fallen asleep studying his Asperger’s file. He wants to be OK for himself. But he wants to be OK for her so badly.

JJ goes to his room and dumps out all his medicine. Cook phones and tells him they’re going out tonight and to keep taking his mad pills. He forgets to hang up so JJ hears him saying that he’s a mental basket, and also he hears him having sex. And I don’t — why did Cook phone JJ during the middle of shagging?

JJ decides to march over to Effy’s and demand that they show him a little respect. On the way, the best thing ever in this life happens. Dudley chases behind him all, "Gay Jay! Gay Jay! Gay Jay!" And JJ whips around and bows up and throws a punch … but it’s a lolly!

That is magic.

Also magic, some would say, is a naked Effy Stonem.

JJ breaks into her house and then into her room, and she’s like, "What the fuck, JJ?" He says he didn’t like what her and Cook were saying about him, and she’s like, "Cook who?" JJ insists he heard them having sex and then he Hagrids all over again. "I shouldn’t have told you that!"

Rophy says: Hagrid isn’t appreciating these comparisons to JJ… seriously, we live in his beard. We should know.

Effy feeds him mango juice to calm him down. It’s very sweet. He asks her to stop dicking around with his two best friends. She says she can’t. He tells her he loves her. She says, "Everyone loves me." And then he leaves. As he’s going she calls out that she’d like to be his friend and she seems so sincere that my heart breaks for her a little bit. Panda is her only real friend in the whole world, and Panda is fucking Cook. Effy is as lonely as JJ and she doesn’t even have any model airplanes to smash.

JJ shakes his head, though. He can’t be her friend.

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