“Skins” Retro Recap (3.06): “Naomi”

Naomi pushes Emily in. And Emily coaxes Naomi from the edge. And I wrote way too many words about baptism in the last recap, so you can get your submersion symbolism over at "Freddie" if you really, really want it.

When I was a teenager, we used to have s’mores when we went camping, but these are Skins teenagers and so Naomi sips vodka from the bottle and and muses, again, about how peaceful it is while Emily pokes at the fire and returns her hand to the blanket to caress Naomi’s.

Emily: Do you want to do blowbacks?
Naomi: I never got blowbacks; why can’t people just smoke the damn thing straight.
Emily: It’s fun. Have you ever tried it?
Naomi: No, but being all-seeing, I already know it’s shit.
Emily: Come on, everything once.
Naomi: [sighing dramatically] Ah, f-ck it. Go ahead and disappoint me.

Jack Thorne, I honor you. You are a magician and I am so glad you’re writing the Skins movie.

Naomi cups her hands around Emily’s face and Emily grasps onto Naomi’s neck and they both take unsteady breaths that have nothing to do with blowbacks.

I can never decide if Susanna and the Magical Orchestra or Grouper win the prize for best song in this episode, but "Believer" is as ethereal and perfect here as anything on TV ever has been.

Didn’t think you would trust me
Thought you would see what I see
This days have been good for me too
But I can’t stay
You know why
Didn’t want this to end like this
Thought I might could convert
These nights have been sad for me too
But I don’t pray
You know why

You are a believer
I am not

Didn’t think I could ever love
So I had to destroy it all
But you will do find someone new
When I am gone
You know why

You are a believer
I am not

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