“Skins” Retro Recap (3.06): “Naomi”


At home, in her bedroom, Naomi finally, finally loses it. She cries because her teacher tried to seduce her. She cries because she didn’t realize that’s what he wanted all along. She cries because Cook made her into a joke in front of the entire school, and because her house is full of strangers, and because there’s never a moment of peace anywhere inside her world. She cries because the only person who understands her is the greatest threat of all. And she cries because no matter how hard she tries, she can’t stop wanting her back.

And she’s angry. She’s angry that she can’t stop her heart from opening up to Emily, angry that Emily acts like it’s OK to care. And when she finds the note Emily left on her bed — Emily Slept Here — she hurls it across the room because stop. Just stop. Can’t Emily see she’s already broken?

But as soon as the note hits the floor, Naomi retrieves it. She smooths it out in her hands. And she falls asleep with it on her pillow because the girl literally. cannot. help. herself.

When she wakes up with Emily’s name printed on her face, Naomi’s first reaction is to rub it the f-ck right off, but she barely scrubs the "Em" before she picks up her phone, dials the very first number and says, "Can we go somewhere? Anywhere."

And here’s the High Places song I like so much about how you can’t go too far if you don’t take the first step, and I know this is one of the most iconic Skins scenes ever, but you guys, Kathryn Prescott cannot ride a bike. I fear for her life when I watch this scene. I fear for her life and the lives of anyone in love/foolish enough to ride near her.

And please let me take this opportunity to say that I do not (nor will I ever) love you enough to ride a bike beside you if you wobble. My first two broken bones came from riding my bike beside my baby sister and both times it was me carried her to our house shouting about how she was dying, when she had nothing more than a few scratches and I was rocking compound fractures. Compound fractures which I compounded carrying her home at full sprint.

Wow. Have some feelings, Heather Hogan.

Rophy says: This is where Rophy was unable to go on Rophying. Our hands were too busy tucked under our chins the whole time. What do you want us to do? Six seater table.

So, Naomi and Emily stare out over the lake and Naomi looks right at Emily and says, "It’s lovely." And then back out over the lake and says, "It’s a lovely place." And Emily — Jesus God, little Emily Fitch — just starts stripping down. Naomi protests that she doesn’t have a swimming costume and Emily says she doesn’t either. Then that delicious, multi-layered dialogue again: "Come on, the sun won’t shine forever." And Naomi says OK, and Emily promise not to look …

… which lasts exactly three seconds. Emily glances at first and then — I really do think Emily is a slave to her body sometimes around Naomi — she fully turns around and walks toward Naomi. Naomi shrieks about how Emily wasn’t supposed to look and starts poking and shoving Emily in the kind of fight that always leads to making out if there’s a couch nearby.

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