“Skins” Retro Recap (3.06): “Naomi”

Naomi keeps pretending she’s terrified of the way Emily wants her, but really, she’s terrified of the way Emily sees her. Sees the scariest, most feverish, sweatiest parts of her darkness, and keeps standing there. Standing there believing that Naomi can be better. Be braver. But what if she can’t? What if Naomi destroys her walls and battles her dragon and wraps Emily up the way she’s always wanted, and Emily realizes she was wrong? If Naomi is unhinged just having Emily beside her, what will happen if she has Emily inside her? She’ll be wrecked. The way Naomi craves Emily’s belief, longs for her presence, she wouldn’t even be able to control the bleeding — if she had Emily and then lost her.

But Naomi is buoyed because Emily just said the thing she needed to hear more than anything — because she always answers the question behind the question — and so Naomi sits up and says, literally apropos of nothing, "I’ve been wondering … what do lesbians do? I mean … in bed."

OK, and let’s just trace that because it’s the best non sequitur ever committed to film. Emily: Your campaign slogan is weak. Naomi: Do you think I can win anyway? Emily: Yeah, absolutely. Naomi: Lesbian sex, how does that work?

Naomi plays with her necklace because she’s nervous and Emily swigs some more vodka straight from the bottle because whatever she was expecting when she decided to drop by Naomi’s, this conversation was not it. Emily says she doesn’t know, and Naomi says, "So you’ve never…" which is eighty percent of the reason she brought it up in the first place, and Emily assures her that their first time with be her first time, full-stop. Naomi proves that she’s been reading all the wrong fan fiction by asking if it’s all "brogues and strap-ons." And then check out these pronouns from Emily: "No, we just do what we do to ourselves, only to each other, probably slightly more aggressively, and, you know, with …oilz and stuff."

Not "they," as in "those lesbians with their lesbianism." But "we," as in "us." We just do to each other what we do to ourselves. This is what we’ll do when you stop fighting against me. Naomi looks at Emily’s lips for a long time and thinks really hard about giving up the fight right then, but she lies down instead and they giggle some more about oilz.

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