“Skins” Retro Recap (3.06): “Naomi”

For someone who’s being so aggressive, Naomi adopts the most defensive posture. Like, which one of you is in danger here, Naomi Campbell? And this is some of that delicious dialogue I was talking about earlier because Nomi says, "How did you get in?" And she means "inside my house, inside my bedroom" but also "inside me." How did you penetrate the walls of the castle I’ve been building my entire life?

Emily: [placing the registration form on the bed] I wanted to give you this.
Naomi: You’re very annoying.
Emily: Yeah, well, you seem to inspire it in me.
Naomi: [placing her registration form beside Emily's on the bed] Jinx.
Emily: You’re gonna run. Great. I’ll help with the form.
Naomi: No, Emily. I don’t need any help.
Emily: Right. Well. OK. See you.

And here it is again: "No, Emily. I don’t need any help." "I don’t need any help filling out this form." And "I don’t need any help in life. It’s sorted. It’s under control. All the power is in my hands. Power and control. In my hands."

Emily’s feelings are hurt, but somewhere between Naomi’s bedroom door and four steps down the hall, she works up to indignant and bursts back in.

Emily: And just so you know, when I see you, my first thought is not: I want to f-ck that girl. We’ve kissed. Twice. And it was nice. But it’s also nice just being with you — when you’re not being a prick, that is.
Naomi: Thanks?
Emily: You should run for president because I think you’d be good at it. It’s that simple, OK?
Naomi: OK, then, you should … stay.
Emily: Thanks. I will.

And you know what makes Naomi and Emily special? Not just in Skins world but in the whole wide world of fictional couples? They really do just enjoy being together. To wit:

Naomi and Emily lie on the rug, perfectly composed at opposite angles, contrasting each other beaitifully, while Asobi Seksu sings about I love, love, love, love you and why are you running away. Emily laughs about Naomi’s campaign slogan — Naomi: get to know me — and says that yeah, it’s catchy, but so is AIDS. And they giggle and grin because this is who they are together, this is who Emily allows Naomi to be: soft and silly and thoroughly adorably lame. Naomi’s been drinking a little and it feels so warm with Emily touching her and laughing at her that she forgets herself for a moment and says, "Do you think I can do it?" And Emily doesn’t hesitate: "I think you can do anything."

And you want to talk about terrifying? You want to talk about the scariest f-cking thing anyone could ever say to you in your entire life? It’s not: I’m attracted to you. It’s not: I love you. The worst and best thing a person can ever do to you is say: The out loud dreams you dream — and the dreams you can’t even bring yourself to whisper — they can come true. You can make them come true. You’re good enough and you’re smart enough and you’re strong enough and I believe in you.

It’s not cool to dream. If you want to be cool, you’ve got to wrap everything in snark and sit around being ironic and clever and apathetic. You’ve got to mock the kind of people whose need to dream rivals their need to breathe. Because if you dream, with your voice especially, you’re going to fail. Not always, but that’s life. Everyone on top of the mountain has scars to spare. The only way to not fail is to not dream at all. And we’re so afraid of falling down in front of other people that that’s exactly what we do.

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