“Skins” Retro Recap (3.06): “Naomi”


Right now you’ve got the synthpop of The Human League’s "Love Action."

When you’re in love, you know you’re in love
no matter what you try to do
You might as well resign yourself
to what you’re going through

Emily is waiting outside Roundview for Naomi because they might not be together together, but they are together at pub quiz nights together and not too long ago — though I don’t really know how
long because Bristol’s space-time continuum is as bendable as a noodle
— they were very together in a bouncy castle. Naomi hides behind
the Brandeh Babies (because being seen naked once this morning is
enough, thank you very much) and sneaks into school without Emily

Or, you know, maybe not. Maybe she just sneaks out and has a smoke
and some banter with the father figure who’s clearly perving on her. The
first time I saw this episode I thought Kieran actually was Naomi’s dad
because of the way he inquires after her mother and wonders if she’s
"still saving the world one lentil at a time." Naomi says that
sometimes her mum is up and sometimes her mum is down, which is just
another inconsistent thing in a life full of things she can’t rely on,
another person she can only trust with her Campbell Crunch outside and
not her fluffy Naommallow center.

Emily is going to show Naomi the truth of herself in the most
comforting and terrifying way a little later over oilz, but this thing
with Kieran: Naomi just wants to hang out with someone nonthreatening
who thinks she’s kind of special. Who thinks she’s kind of different.
Who thinks it’s OK to dream a little. Who doesn’t want to get in her pants. Or her … red overall dress(?) with the one properly functioning strap.

In the Roundview assembly room, Effy and Freddie are trying to out-emo one another, which Naomi immediately picks up on and asks about when she sits down with Effy and Panda. Effy tells Panda to shut up before the words even finish forming in Panda’s head, and Naomi doesn’t push because she’s got to use all her energy to huff and puff and sigh and eye roll when Emily hops up beside her on the table. And, like, you know Naomi’s got to use her energy for something or she’ll be crawling all over Emily like a box of puppies in a matter of seconds.

The lights go off and the Bristol Strangler comes in and MURDERS EVERY ROUNDVIEW STUDENT AND FACULTY MEMBER! No? Then why is everyone screaming? Oh, it’s Doug, doing a poetry reading to some battle sounds and projected images on the wall. That’s awesome. I would totally do that if I was a teacher. The point is: There’s going to be a democratically-elected student president, and as soon as Harriet announces it, Emily nudges Naomi who shakes her head like, "I’m already in charge of the zoo at my house," but Emily — per usual — refuses to take no for an answer.

She follows Naomi through the hallway and demands to know why she won’t stand for president.

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