“Skins” Retro Recap (3.06): “Naomi”

Skins loves them some Electrelane, and rightly so because it’s never less than awesome, especially "After The Call" right here.

All the things that I’ve done
Go around in my head
And I can’t forget
All the things she said

What could I do?
What could I do?
What could I do?
What could I do?

At home, Naomi tries to wash Emily off of her — the scents and tastes and sounds that threaten to conquer her senses — but she can’t do it.

She stares at herself in the mirror and retraces the map in her mind, trying to remember when it was exactly that she went too far — opened the gate and handed Emily every weapon she’d ever need to destroy her.

And when she can’t wash away Emily and when she can’t pinpoint the moment she lost control, she goes to her mum’s room and I’m kind of sorry that we’ll never know what, exactly, she was going to say. Because guess what random Jesus has bedded himself down in Naomi’s mum’s bed? Politics Professor Jesus (now with 100% more naked arse)! He chases after Naomi and shouts about how he’s a f-cking disaster.

At Roundview, Naomi sits on a desk in an empty classroom and swings her legs like a kid on a playground and stares at Emily’s number in her phone while Dodos sing "Walking."

You can’t fight the fire that’s in your head
Lay it down, the hour has come to end
Walk around without her just for a bit
Looking back upon the way things had been

Man, I’ve been wasting so much time
Walking the same street every night
Don’t you think maybe it’s about time?

Harriet and Doug bust into the classroom, so Naomi hilariously scoots under the desk and listens to Harriet threaten to chop Doug up into tiny pieces and feed him to her pet piranha if he doesn’t help her rig the election for Naomi. Harriet then makes the classic teen movie mistake of stuffing Cook’s winning votes down her shirt. And maybe — just maybe — it would have worked, but after one night, Naomi’s already an expert at working someone else’s bra and she summons her integrity in front of the whole school and pulls out the winning votes and declares Cook the winner, which leads to … anarchy, obviously.

But also: a snowy look of longing across the cafeteria that’s going to foce me quote Robert Frost: The woods are lovely, dark and deep / but I have promises to keep / and miles to go before I sleep / and miles to go before I sleep.

That’s what Naomi tells herself anyway, as she rips her gaze away from Emily and bolts into the chaos.

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