“Skins” Retro Recap (3.05): “Freddie”

Freddie kisses Effy and holds her face more gently than anyone ever has or will again. He says he wants to tell her something and she starts to protest, but he cuts her off and kisses her again. "Now I’ve told you, okay?" he says. "Now you know."

Rophy tells me this line is highly ridiculed in the Skins fandom, but I think it’s perfect. Woefully inarticulate Freddie says something without words to Effy, who refuses to know things she doesn’t want to know. And this is where Freddie breaks free of Hamlet. He makes a decision to hold something very breakable in his hands and he promises not to break it. And he would have kept that promise; he never had to be a tragedy.

Freddie turns up at Karen’s SexxBomb show for support, and even though she loses, he makes it OK in the way only a big brother can make things OK. And then Cook comes over and destroys it in the way only Cook can destroy things. Karen took their shed — tried to change their family — and so Cook took her dream. Freddie smashes him and Cook tries so hard to hurt him back, but he kisses him instead and tells the truth the same way Effy did when she jumped into that lake: "I really f-cking love you, you bastard." And then Cook hurts him in a way that is worse than anything he’s done before. He punches the photo of Freddie’s family, of Freddie’s mum, and shatters it into a million pieces.

Then Cook sleeps with Effy again because here’s the triangle: Effy doesn’t think she can live with Freddie’s love in her life. And Cook knows he can’t live without Freddie’s love in his.

If you want to flip your Shakespeare and call this a balcony scene, you will remember that Juliet hated lunar imagery. Mercutio called it Petrarchian, love by numbers. And it’s Cook in the night, always in the night. And it’s always Freddie, in every kind of perfect light.

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