“Skins” Retro Recap (3.05): “Freddie”

Freddie walks in late and receives a reprimand from Gerald, and he can either sit with Cook or he can sit with Effy, and he chooses Effy. Cook laughs and makes a mental note to shag Effy later today, and then one of the best scenes ever on TV happens. Just ever, ever, ever.

Carla Bruni’s "Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre" is ethereal in concept and execution, and as amazing here as it ever will be.

Josie’s voice fades away as she talks about the themes of Hamlet/Freddie’s life being action and inaction, madness, death …

Freddie notices that he is almost, but not quite, touching Effy. He gulps and looks at her and she closes her eyes because he does the same thing to her that she does to him, which is brand new in her world. She makes a small, careful movement and strokes the back of his hand with one of her fingers, and Freddie’s skin is literally the only thing keeping him from going everywhere at once. Naomi leans up, looks, smiles tenderly, and winks at him because she gets it. She knows what it’s like when the room doesn’t have any walls and the sky is leaning into you. She’s been in the place where you’re too scared to move, too scared to breathe, because the only thing worse than the touch not ending is the touch ending.

Josie wants to know if anyone else has something to say, and Naomi has kept quiet the whole time even though she’s smarter than everyone in the room including the professor, but maybe she can push Freddie toward the action she is too terrified to take: "Hamlet is basically a teenage boy. He’s got all these desires, but he hasn’t got the bottle to reach out for them. So, he goes mad and wanks off about Ophelia and ends up so boring somebody has to kill him."

She keeps her head propped on her hand the whole time, not bothered to move to prove her point, because she knows she’s right, and when Josie says that there’s no wanking in Hamlet, Naomi just turns her eyes back and says, deliciously: "Mmm, yeah there is. Loads. Only they call it ‘soliloquizing.’"

And I don’t know if it’s the guitar or her half-wistful/half-smug face or the impossibly sexy way Loveless delivers the line, but I’m going to need a minute. (Cook, I love you, but shut the f-ck up.)


And again.

I think my next project after these recaps is to make a Hot 100 list of Naomily screencaps. That sounds like a job for Operation Ropher.

[Sophy says: Don't let Rin near this project. It'll be a top 763 before you know it.]

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