“Skins” Retro Recap (3.03): “Thomas”


Thomas records a lullaby for his little brother and sister, and then tries to get construction work the next day. Instead he gets sent to a staffing agency where an administrative assistant grills him about his qualifications: Special skills? "I play all musical instruments. Also, I run very, very fast, like a dog. Also, I am very mathematical; I will solve any equation." Qualifications? "Top of my class at school, all As. The village was very proud."

He goes on to explain how he herds the goats in his village before sunrise, and the assistant stops him mid-sentence, all, "I’m not entirely sure we can offer you gainful employment, but you should be able to get into Harvard without any trouble at all."

In the meantime, though, he’s off to Roundview to polish the floors. Kids these days! No respect! They rock out of class and leave their crisp and candy wrappers all over the place! Plus, Kate Fitch! 

Katie: Effy, Effy, wait up! Look, I got a new top! It’s cool, isn’t it? Well, when you’ve got tits like mine, you’ve got to flash them a little bit, haven’t you?
Effy: Sorry?
Katie: Breasts, girl. You should try it.
Effy: Yeah, OK. Here? Or, do you want to skive off the rest of the day and go to my house?

[Rophy says: HURRAHH!!!!]

Wait, no — sorry. It’s 4:45 in the morning. I must have dozed off. Let’s try that again.

Katie: Breasts, girl. You should try it.
Effy: I never try.
Katie: Huh?

I love how Katie says, "Huh." I can’t tell if she really didn’t hear Effy, or if the phrase "I never try" is incomprehensible to her. Either way, she rounds on Emily, who has just caught up with her: "STOP F-CKING FOLLOWING ME, WILL YOU?" Emily tries to explain that she wasn’t following her, but Katie just huffs away to try harder somewhere else.

Emily is left alone in the hall with Thomas.

Thomas: Strange place, this college.
Emily: Sorry?
Thomas: Everyone is loud, and they care about nothing.
Emily: Yeah, you’re right.
Thomas: You are the same as your sister.
Emily: I’m not the same as her!
Thomas: No? Maybe you are a little more pretty.

Emily drops her eyes and dips her head and calls Thomas cheeky in a way that makes me a little sad inside because it feels like no one ever told her that before.

Anyway, Thomas soon finds out that some people do care about things, and those people are Panda and what she cares about is dancing.

No words. You don’t need them.

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