“Skins” Retro Recap (3.02): “Cook”

Cook eats the entire cake and washes it down with another pint, before deciding they should bounce and crash an engagement party that’s being hosted by Freddie’s sister. Cook bribes his way in with drugs for some reason, even though the party is even lamer than the one at the pub and the chick he’s trying to pull makes Brandeh Babeh look like the classiest bride in Bristol. Also, Macenzie Crook is there, and that’s never going to end well.

Macenzie Crook is the leader of the Sharks/Montagues, and his daughter is going to marry the son of the leader of the Jets/Capulets to end some kind of track suit feud, apparently. Macenzie spies Cook and gets menacing with him about not ruining the party/deflowering his daughter, and Cook chugs like six glasses of champagne before agreeing and then passing out his uncle’s drugs to everyone. And by "everyone" I mean "Panda." She eats the whole bag.

The blushing bride-to-be tells Cook that if he can get some more drugs, he can "stick it anywhere [he] wants," which: a) Gross. And b) Completely unsanitary. But not as gross and unsanitary as Macenzie Crook’s toast to his daughter, which is more incestuous than Michael and Maeby’s rendition of "Afternoon Delight" on Arrested Development.

Naomi points her missile toward home, and Emily goes chasing after her, and I never get over how Emily tugs up her little cardigan while shouting at Naomi to wait. It makes her seem so vulnerable (even though she is dressed like a Christmas tree).

Naomi rolls her eyes when she senses/hears Emily behind her and just goes, "What?" and keeps storming away, because here’s another Cook/Naomi similarity: They’re both so angry about love, what it does to you, how it lights you on unquenchable fire.


Emily asks Naomi where she’s going when what she really means is "Why won’t you stay here with me?" And Naomi says she’s going home when what she really means is "I’m running away from you; get used to it." Emily makes her very first request for Naomi to be brave: "Don’t go." And Naomi makes her very first deflection: "Why?"

And Emily demures again. She says, "I don’t know … because." But she doesn’t finish it because she knows Naomi is still not ready; Emily is giving her a million quiet second chances and she’s pushing her away like she never even wanted the first chance.

Emily pleads with her eyes, just a little, just enough. It makes Naomi bristle even more and demand to know why Katie thinks Naomi is gay.

[Rophy says: Seriously Naomi? We've seen that mirror in your bedroom. Use it.]

Emily apologizes, and her face is heartbreaking. She looks away; she looks back. And I mean, didn’t you ever reframe something just so you could say it out loud, just so you could taste the words in your mouth? That’s what Emily did with Katie. She told her Naomi kissed her because she wanted to feel the truth of it out loud. And now Naomi is furious because she thinks it’s social suicide at this new college, and because the memory is causing the flames to grow hotter and more reckless now that Emily is around all the time.

Naomi turns on her heel, and with a voice full of derision says, "See you around, Emily."

We only see the back of Naomi as she walks away, the way Emily sees her, but we know the look on her face; we’ve already seen it. Resolute. Smug. Terrified.

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