“Skins” recap (4.08) Naomily, A History

Back at The Shire, Emily is wrapped in a towel, looking for something to wear, when Mandy — who has been pretending to doze for a creepy amount of time — throws back the covers and says she thought Emily and Naomi weren’t sleeping together anymore. Emily asks her what other choice a hobbit has, when convicts and hobos and hulking woodland creatures keep moving in every five seconds — which is funny, and it also means that Naomi is turning into her mother. (Out in the kitchen, someone is discussing heteronormative patriarchy and the threatening nature of the banana.)

Mandy gets pretty awesome pretty fast. She asks Emily what they’ve been doing, which we’ve already discussed, and Emily seeks more reassurance that they didn’t sleep together: “Mandy, we haven’t done anything, so I don’t know why … I mean, we didn’t do anything last night — did we?”

Mandy says no, but that Emily wanted to. Emily refuses to believe that, so Mandy submits the following: 1) “I don’t want to be f–ked around, Emily.” 2) “Just because she won’t take you to Goa.” 3) “I’d take you.” 4) “We’d go dancing, sleep in a hut. 5) “I’d make love to you on the beach.” 6) “Isn’t that what you want?”

And I mean, it’s only five, maybe six sentences, depending on how you punctuate it, but that’s a lot of stuff, and mostly it’s Mandy asking the question Emily hasn’t been able to bring herself to examine: “Do you want to stay here, clutching a prism you don’t understand, a spectrum that is destroying you; or do you want to take a chance that I might know something about color too?”

The gang + Karen (and little Albert, because baby actors cost less, I guess, and it’s an inexpensive way to let us know JJ and Lara are still together) have gathered at Naomi’s, where it’s half-eleven and she wants to start mixing drinks. The only person who’s interested in getting trolleyed so early is Arse-ia, and Noami says right out loud that if Effy can have a drink, they can all have a drink.

Cook’s like, “What did you just call — oh, wow. Arse-ia, you’ve got to go.”

Arse-ia says she thought they were going to get piercings, but Cook shoves her out the door and tells her he’ll have to take a rain check. Karen follows him outside, and Emily watches them go. She stares out the window for long time, trying to memorize the colors.

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