“Skins” recap (4.08) Naomily, A History

Also in need of a shower — perhaps of the silkwood variety — is Cook, whose recent conquest is an Effy doppelganger with an insane case of IBS.

When she emerges from the toilet, Cook introduces her.

Cook: Naomi, Arse-ia.
Naomi: Pardon?
Arse-ia: Arse-ia.
Naomi: I didn’t — I didn’t quite —
Arse-ia: Arse-ia.
Naomi: Arse-ia?
Cook: Arse-ia. All right?
Naomi: Yeah, yeah, it’s fine. Arse-ia. Arse-ia. It’s pretty. Arse-ia.
Arse-ia: Cheers.

I know a lot of people were upset that Naomi didn’t get her own episode in this condensed season, but this “Everyone” episode is all Lily Loveless. It’s like a showcase of supernatural ability, a love letter wrapped in a thank you card stuffed in an envelope and mailed to AfterEllen.com, re: For Your Consideration — Top 50 Lesbian Characters (For All Eternity) and Hot 100 (To Infinity).

Anyway, Arse-ia lost her thong in the bus station.

Which is better, I suppose, than losing your mind in the middle of rush-hour traffic — again.

Effy is in her lemon scrubs, in the mental hospital, where Katie has spent the night. They discuss how Freddie is still missing, but Effy is comforted because she can hear Freds in her head. They don’t dwell on how that makes her even crazier than she was yesterday, though, because out the window they see Panda trying to make her way across the field. A nurse (mistakenly) identifies her as a mental patient and pushes her down on an orange ball, instructing her to get in sync with the other bouncers, but Panda just hops away and climbs in Effy’s window.

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