“Skins” recap (4.06): JJ Jones and the Final Frontier


After they leave, JJ gets even more nervous — if you can believe it — and spits Lara’s drink in her face, then tries to make a break out of the window. But oh, he’s in the ladies’. He covers by saying he’s just buying her some tampons, which she doesn’t believe for some reason. She splits and he chases after her, winning her over for good by telling her she’s a ten and he’s a three. She says yeah, except he flirts with old ladies.

It’s cute and true, but I mean, it really gets Lara going, so they have a two-day shag-fest, and finally JJ rides home on the back of a milk truck, completely satisfied. How’s that cold milk, J? Well, no matter what, it’s better than what Cook’s been forced to drink in JJ’s two-day absence.

At Psycho(logical) Support, JJ’s mum says she’s worried because of the lies and the porn, and the doctor explains that: a) he shouldn’t be looking at porn, but b) it’s probably OK because someone with his "condition" can’t maintain a healthy relationship. JJ flips out and says that he can, and in fact does, maintain a healthy relationship. And by healthy he means he is having sex every day.

JJ’s mom goes, "Secrets!" And instead of asking the important thing about is he being safe, she wants to know if JJ’s friends have met his girlfriend.

He can’t introduce her to his two best friends, of course, on account of one of them is still busy cleaning his girlfriend’s collage of doom and destruction off the wall, and the other is up to who knows what all, drinking piss and playing the ukulele with his d–k. But he’s on the lam, is the important thing. So JJ chooses Naomi and Emily — because they’re fun.

Noami: So, Laura …
JJ: Lara.
Naomi: Yeah. Isn’t that what I just — so, how old is it?
Lara: He’s nine months. Um, would you mind not, you know, smoking a spliff?
Naomi: Oh, s–t. Sorry. I’m such a tit.
Emily: Tell me about it.

Right, yeah. Fun.

JJ: Anyway, after we ran into Emily the other day, I thought, why not just come on down.
Naomi: … have you already met?
Emily: Yeah. It was a coincidence.
JJ: Right, you were with that nice gi—
Emily: JJ, will you, um, will you go over my, um, politics coursework?
JJ: I don’t do politics.
Emily: Yeah. Just come look, OK?

Naomi’s face is just like — how many more ways can she break, you know? The physical distance, the emotional absence, the caustic remarks, the kissing that girl at the barbecue. There was never a time when Emily didn’t stand in front of her, palms open, offering everything. And now there’s some nice girl?

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