“Skins” recap (4.04): Katie F–king Fitch and Who the F–k Are You?


Emily turns up the music and starts dancing and then suddenly she’s
kissing some girl. Katie is out of her chair in a second, all, "What
the f–k are you doing?!" 

And oh, it’s horrible. The light just goes right out of Naomi’s eyes.

Emily’s motives are eleven levels of confusion: one) She’s punishing Naomi emotionally, trying to make her understand what it feels like to think of someone else’s lips on hers. two) She’s trying to make Naomi look like the fool publicly that Emily feels like privately. (When someone cheats on you, half the reason you can’t go back to them is because of how you think everyone else is judging you. When, in actuality, the only two people who know what’s going on inside a relationship are the two people inside the relationship. It never makes sense to outsiders, no matter what.) three) She’s trying to push Naomi so hard that it won’t rip her in half if she really does have to walk away.

Then, just full of rage and pain, she tackles Naomi in the pool and asks if she’s making her nice and wet. Naomi is way less upset about the pool than the kissing, so she’s like "f–k you!" and Emily chases her out of the pool and pushes her again "f–k you right back!"

I like how Katie is so unnerved and protective about Naomi and Emily’s relationship, how in-tune she is to the things happening around her. When Effy takes pills and makes out with Freddie, she just kind of watches. It means something, that Effy needs that to be with him, but Katie doesn’t care. But when Emily kisses some random girl, she bolts out of her chair. This is a real thing, Emily and Naomi. Emily is f–king up a real thing. She actually gets between them and tells Emily to stop it.

Naomi asks if Emily wants to f–k the random, and Emily says, "Maybe I do, so what?" Which is the biggest lie she’s ever told.

Jenna, of course, picks this moment to wake up and try to put a stop to things. Emily tells her to mind her own business, but her eyes are just pleading with Naomi to do something to fix the way she feels, so Naomi confesses. She f–ked Sophia and sold her the drugs and now Emily is punishing her. Emily lashes out at her family some more and they all storm away, but not before Katie smacks her in the face. Katie f–king Fitch, man. She’s got a mean right hook.

Naomi says, "Em?" And her eyes say "Please forgive me." And Emily’s eyes say "I don’t know how." And, for first time in their relationship, Emily is the one who runs away.

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